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    Dark Blood(Dark #26) by Christine Feehan

    Branislava flicked her tongue across the small wound on Zev’s chest. His body was hot, burning as if he had a fever. His hands on her buttocks were rough and demanding, sending a little thrill through her. She hadn’t thought that such a dominating lover would appeal to her, but she found a secret excitement in the way he touched her.

    She liked that he felt possessive of her. That he took their vows to heart. Her body did belong to him and she wanted to please him with it. She wanted him to enjoy her. It mattered to her that she brought him every kind of pleasure she could. In return, she trusted he would do the same for her.

    His hand moved between her thighs, forcing her legs open. She looked down, and deep inside she gave a little gasp of shock. She hadn’t considered that he would be so large, but he was a big man and a wolf—she should have known. More, his hands looked huge as he ran them up her leg, near her center.

    Her heart gave a wild lurch and tiny flames of arousal danced up her thighs in his wake. She closed her eyes when his hand covered her mound. She could feel hot, damp liquid seeping onto his palm.

    “Look at me.” It was a command, nothing less.

    She lifted her lashes, her gaze jumping to his. Again her heart gave the same stutter and more liquid fire leaked into his palm. Her pulse pounded and her breasts ached. Her stomach tightened with coiling tension.

    He lifted his palm to his mouth and licked at the cinnamon honey. “You taste delicious. Just like I knew you would. I want to eat you up, mon chaton féroce. Every drop is mine and I want it all.”

    Her knees almost gave out. His face was stamped with a driving lust, a hard possession that only thrilled her more. He wrapped her in love, she felt that as well, but right now, this moment, she wanted the wolf, the wild, untamed wolf that looked at her just as Zev was doing. Glowing eyes, a fierce expression on his face. Domination in every line on his face and on his body.

    There was something almost illicit about being naked there in the forest while he was clothed. She tried to keep her eyes on his, tried to keep her gaze from straying to his very hard erection, but it was difficult, a lesson in discipline.

    “Do you understand what I want to do to you?” he asked, his voice low and so sexy she shivered with excitement. “What I’m going to do to you?”

    “Yes,” she admitted, her voice not her own. Truthfully, she wasn’t all that certain of what he meant, but it didn’t matter. She was willing. Her body burned for his. “But, Zev, I have to be honest with you. I tried to do a crash course in how to please a man once I met you, but the information I have might not be very reliable. I looked it up on the Internet and it was all a little confusing. Diagrams and anatomy, which I understood but wasn’t certain how to implement.”

    His eyes glowed at her, darkened with desire, and his slow, sexy smile was definitely wolfish. “You don’t need a crash course, Branka. I prefer to be your teacher. I want to teach you the things that will please me. I am looking forward to discovering the things you enjoy.”

    As he spoke his large hands cupped her breasts. “You have such beautiful breasts.” His finger traced the ridged scar riding up one creamy slope. He bent his head to trail his tongue along that path. “Everything about you is beautiful, mon chaton féroce.”

    His unblinking gaze stayed on her face, watching her reaction as he captured her nipples between his fingers, rolling and tugging until she could barely catch her breath. Her nipples seemed directly connected to her most intimate core, electrical shocks streaking through to her very center. He leaned down, still watching her face and sucked her right breast into the heat of his mouth.

    She heard herself moan. A flash-fire ignited in her breasts, fueled by his hands and mouth, flames leaping into her belly, burning hot and wild. Zev switched to her left breast, using the edge of his teeth. The small flash of pain added to her heightened pleasure, to the madness rolling through her body. She couldn’t believe how much the scrape of his teeth and the stroke of his tongue combined with the heat of his mouth to drive her insane with need.

    Her body definitely belonged to him. His hands moved possessively down her rib cage to her waist, his mouth following. Every muscle in her body melted under the blaze he created. She feared she wouldn’t be able to stand when he dropped to his knees in front of her. She rested one hand on his shoulder, needing the support, her body shaking with need.

    The mist around them began to glow a strange golden red. Her body was hot—everywhere. Her hair gave off sparks, crackling with fire, the red deep and true. Streaks of gold leapt like flames dancing out of control through the silken mass of her braid.

    His hands felt rough on her skin, a contrast to her own smooth skin. His expression, when she looked down at him, had gone feral, his wolf’s eyes hungry and focused, making her heart pump wildly and the tension in her feminine core coil tighter.

    He swiped his tongue through her folds and she cried out, her hand going to his hair, fisting there as sensations poured through her body like fuel on a fire. She wasn’t certain either of them would survive the conflagration building in her like a volcano.

    He began to lap at her like the hungry wolf he was, stealing every bit of cinnamon honey he could pull from her body. His hands were hard, holding her thighs apart, holding her hips still as he indulged his whim of devouring her. Her cries rose to a crescendo, but he didn’t stop. Her fist yanked at his hair, but his mouth was merciless. The fire built and built, raged and roared, but he refused to stop, taking her to the edge of some dark precipice, but never quite letting her fall over.

    When she was certain she would go mad with need, when her pleas rang through the glowing mist, he took her to the soft grass, his clothes gone. He looked absolutely intimidating kneeling over her. She could barely breathe, barely think, her head tossing back and forth, her hips writhing and bucking.

    He stroked her center with one long finger. Her body arched, her mouth opening in a silent scream. “I love how responsive you are, but hold still. I don’t want to lose all control until I know you’re ready for me.”

    She was ready? Was he crazy? How much readier could she get? If he didn’t do something soon she was going to spontaneously combust.

    This time he stroked a finger inside of her, sinking deep while her muscles clamped around him tightly. His breath hissed out. “So hot. That’s right, mon chaton féroce. Burn for me.”

    How could she not? Only he could put out the fire he’d started and he wasn’t cooperating. A small sobbing gasp escaped as a second finger sank with the first, stretching her. Again the bite of pain added to the electrical charges streaking through her bloodstream, finding every bundle of nerves in her body and igniting them.

    She whimpered when he removed his fingers, but a heartbeat later, they were back . . . Not his fingers this time. Her heart pounded as he began to push inside of her. He held her legs straight up into the air, kneeling between her thighs so her legs were spread wide, to more easily accommodate his invasion. He was unyielding as he entered her, not slowing, but a patient steady pressure, forcing her body to accept his. Her muscles fought him, but gave way as he continued that ceaseless forward pressure until he lodged against a barrier.

    Zev gasped. Swore. “You’re so damned tight and hot.” He managed to get the words out between clenched teeth. He had to fight to keep from losing control. He needed another minute and she had to stay still. Her sheath was heaven, fiery silk, alive and scorching hot, surrounding him, gripping him tightly and stealing all discipline. He didn’t want to hurt her and ruin this moment for both of them.

    Branislava was senseless, writhing under him, trying to force him into her, her body desperate for his. He brought his hand down hard on her buttocks. Her eyes flew open, her gaze widening. Around his cock, hot liquid spilled out, enfolding him. Her nerve endings were wired for pleasure and everything he did seemed to add to it.

    “Hold still,” he snarled, baring his teeth at her in warning.

    She gasped and tried to obey. He didn’t wait for her to lose control again, he surged forward, driving deep, claiming her body for himself. He was a large man and he knew it would take her body a little bit of time and effort to fully accommodate him. He lodged against her womb, watching her for signs of discomfort.

    Branislava’s eyes pleaded with him as her head tossed back and forth. Yanking her legs over his shoulders, spreading her even wider, he let his wolf loose. He began to surge into her, thrusting hard, over and over, setting a relentless, merciless rhythm. Each stroke sent flames burning hotter, her sheath winding tighter, or maybe his cock swelled even more, but the friction bordered on ecstasy.

    He wanted more, always more, driving deeper, until at times he feared he might lodge in her stomach, but the pleasure engulfed him, wrapping him in her fire. He had known all along she would be like this, hot and wild, her passion a match for his. He was rough with her, and she answered with pleas for more, wanting, like him, to burn in that inferno.

    Around them, spreading out from beneath her, the ground began to glow as if their wild joining drew the magma deep from beneath the earth itself. Tiny tongues of red and gold licked at the grass surrounding them, but he couldn’t have stopped if his life depended on it. His breathing became harsh, and his lungs burned for air. The cooling mist settled over his body like a thousand tongues as around him the world seemed to erupt into flames.

    He felt his body swell, lock into hers, holding her while she gripped him with scorching tight muscles. Somewhere in his toes, it started, that fireball of sheer bliss, rising like a firestorm, crashing through his body, overtaking him before he could catch his breath.

    He let his head fall back as she milked him, drawing his seed out in long, rocketing spurts while her orgasm roared through her, tearing through her core in vicious waves that ripped through her stomach to her breasts.

    He felt every strong convulsion of the rippling walls around his cock, the waves of fire engulfing her, consuming him, burning them both clean. She lay, panting, staring up at him with shocked, emerald eyes, the sparks in her hair subsiding. He watched her with those same hungry eyes, holding her body locked to his, refusing to let her go yet.

    She made no move to try to roll away from him, but lay there, her legs over his shoulder, her breasts heaving, the combined scent of them permeating the air. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen in his life. Her eyes were just a little dazed, her lips parted and her body flushed with a soft glow, much like the surrounding mist.

    “Do you know what you are?” he asked.

    She shook her head, still fighting for her breath.

    He loved the way her breasts rose and fell with her struggle. “Perfect. You’re perfect. There could be no other woman for me. Only you. I don’t think you ever have to worry about satisfying my appetites.”

    She reached out to touch the small inch of his heated flesh where they joined, the only part of him that wasn’t still inside of her. “I want to please you, Zev.” Her fingers danced over his hard, velvety shaft, almost reverently.

    Just her gentle touch set his cock jerking in anticipation. “Have no doubts that you do . . . and you will. I’m a man who will always let you know, firmly, what I want or need. I’ll expect the same from you. If you’re ever afraid of anything I ask you to do, just tell me and we’ll work it out. Don’t just say no and refuse me. That’s important to me, Branka. I want you to trust me enough to talk to me about anything that frightens you.”

    “I didn’t know fear could be so sexy,” she whispered. “The not knowing added to the excitement.”

    “And you, woman, are as hot as hell. Or heaven. Is heaven hot?” He flashed her a grin. “Even the mist glowed for us.”

    Branislava looked around her as the colors in the mist began to fade. “That might be a cool effect, but honestly, do we want the neighbors knowing every time we make love?”

    Zev laughed. “We nearly burned down the forest. We might be banned from the neighborhood.”

    Very gently, he rubbed her calf and then her thigh, his fingers moving up to massage her buttocks before he placed her foot back on the ground. He did the same with the other. His gaze moved over her body, and his smile faded to a frown. “Did I hurt you, Branka?”

    “No, of course not. If you hurt me, you’d be fried in a few places that really matter to you. I’m a woman who believes in retaliation, remember?”

    He leaned forward and another aftershock sent her tight muscles strangling his cock, so that his breath caught in his lungs. He placed both hands on her flat belly, fingers splayed wide to take in as much skin as he could.

    “I love that little trait in you.”

    Her green eyes smoldered with her hidden fire. She still burned hot and it was difficult for her to conceal her true self behind her cool façade. He loved that quality in her as well, all that fire contained in her slender body just waiting for the right moment to ignite.

    His body slowly began to relax and he allowed himself to slip from inside of her, that secret haven he would always be addicted to. Sitting back, he let his gaze drift possessively over her. Surrounded by the mist and trees, they remained quiet together, just the two of them, carving out a small moment for themselves there in the night.

    Branislava was the first to move. She knew Zev would never hurry her, or push her to return to the others and face whatever horror she had discovered that had sent her running into the night. She used his shoulder to draw herself up beside him. Immediately he wrapped his arm around her hips, holding her to him.

    Her heart gave a little lurch and began to beat faster. It surprised her that Zev could do that to her—that anyone could. The moment he touched her, her body reacted with need and hunger. She hadn’t known just how intense physical attraction could be until he had come into her life. Her wolf. She looked down into his eyes and again her heart stuttered.