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    Dark Blood(Dark #26) by Christine Feehan

    Her breath hissed out and her lashes drifted down, a look of intense pleasure on her face. He stroked her nipple over and over with his tongue, ending with kisses before attending to the other breast. Her sheath tightened around him, clamping down hard as he released the jewel and took her breast into his mouth. The soft moan added to his conviction that the fire in her only seemed to be growing, and no matter how passionate they were, how often he took possession of her body—or even how he took possession—the fire between them would only get hotter.

    Do you have any idea how much I love you, Branka? he asked, his voice low, a strange lump choking him. He had to clear his throat several times.

    “Yes,” she said quietly, reaching up with her slender arms to circle his neck. You love me as fiercely as I love you. And it grows with every moment we’re together.

    Did the chain hurt you at all?

    She laughed. “I’m Carpathian, wolf. I would never play with something that hurt in the way you mean. I felt fire, but you know I love that burn. If it got to be too intense, I simply turned down the heat a notch. You were in my mind, feeling what I was feeling, watching to make certain you weren’t hurting me in any way. I felt you there, caring for me. Protecting me. That’s why I trust you so much, Zev. You put me first.”

    “You’re my mate. The love of my life. My everything. Of course I’m going to make certain you feel nothing but pleasure, any way I can give it to you.”

    “Naturally,” she agreed, “although, Zev, your nature dictates who and what you are. You would put my health, happiness and pleasure above your own regardless of whether we were lifemates or not. That’s what I love most about you. Who you are.”

    She raised her face to his, kissing him slowly, taking her time, the fire in her mouth sending a fiery arrow straight to his heart. He kissed her back with the same passion, the same fire, but his mouth was infinitely tender, showing her without words how much he felt for her. When he lifted his head she was smiling at him. He found himself smiling back and once again began moving in her body, this time slow and leisurely. They had all the time in the world.