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    Ecstasy(Shadowdwellers #1) by Jacquelyn Frank


    “Say it, jei li. It’s just you and me here. I want to hear it, and you want to say it. Don’t think and don’t hold back.”

    Say it, he begged her against the mind they sometimes shared. His body and psyche were screaming in need for her. His skin was damp with sweat from holding himself in careful, controlled reserve. Not to mention his exploration of her pretty backside had aroused all new hungers as well. But he wanted to untie her reserved tongue, to teach her that she had to tell him everything. Not just about the needs of her body, but all of her needs.

    Trace was almost on the edge of a whole different kind of euphoria, and when she hesitated just long enough, he was actually grateful for it. He stole what he wanted, his tongue rimming the dark pink bud of nerves she probably never even realized she had. Humans attached shame and taboo to the strangest things, and then just as much eroticism to it when they thought to break those taboos. Ashla cried out in shock the first time he did it; then, confused response the next. The more she reacted, the harder Trace got. It was so intense for him that he groaned with savage need, gripping her tightly. If she didn’t speak soon, he was going to give in to her. He didn’t want her to get away with that, damn it! He wanted her to scream for what she deserved! For all she needed and wanted.

    “Oh, God! Trace!”

    Trace surged up the back of her body, finding her ear under the wild mess of curling gold. “What? Tell me. ‘Oh God, Trace…’what?” He settled his hips against her bottom, his still clothed but very prominent erection nestling into her. “Tell me to suck your sweet little clit, honey,” he coaxed her. “Tell me to lick your pretty pussy until you come in my mouth. Tell me you want my tongue deep inside you…”

    “Yes! Oh, God, please! Yes. I want all of that!” she groaned, writhing under him in heat at the mere suggestions. Trace realized then what a truly passionate and sexual creature she could become once she had shed bad memories and ridiculous cultural hang-ups.

    “But you didn’t say it,” he taunted softly, reaching to slide a hand beneath them, his fingertips tickling the drenched outer lips of her flushed and waiting sex. Searing Light, how he wanted to make her come! Not just once, but a thousand times. He wanted her to explode like a sun in supernova, even if it burned him up in the process.

    “Yes! Lick my pussy and make me come,” she gasped on a sob.

    He was off her in a flash, flinging her onto her back and once again sliding hungry hands up her thighs until she was spread open like a pretty pink sacrifice just for him. He knew, even before he bent to do her bidding, that she was already about to burst. The tantalizing game of anticipation had chased full sensitivity and rich blood flow below her waist, making her plump, ripe, and ready. He skipped preliminaries, saving it for a less intense breaking point, and gently spread her labia to make a path for his tongue. When his mouth closed over her, Ashla bucked, filling his mouth with wet, swollen flesh. Her clitoris rubbed fat and demanding against his lips and he gave it a deep obliging sucking.

    Ashla screamed, her hands latching hard in his hair, holding his head between her thighs as she burst into violent orgasm. Rich and sweet, a stream of juices burst into his mouth and Trace knew he could have climaxed just off the lusty flavor and scent, as well as her wild cries for him. It took everything inside him, every moment of discipline and control he had learned in his whole life just to keep that from happening. When he came, it would be deep, deep inside her, and nowhere else.

    “Trace! Trace!” Ashla gasped and gasped for breaths as she rode the hard, unfamiliar crest that both thrilled and frightened. It was extreme, to feel so much at someone else’s bidding! As her body trembled into weakness and repletion, making her limp and helpless beneath him, she could only stare at him in wonder and shock.

    Trace rose up on his knees, very obviously licking his wet lips. Ashla flushed hot in more places than just across her face as she watched him reach for the front of his slacks. Then he seemed to think better of the idea, and stood up instead. She was too jellied with postorgasmic weakness to follow him, so she was grateful when he scooped her up off the floor easily. He brought her to her bed, laying her on the soft pillows spread over it in decorative style. Then he finished shedding his clothing, displaying the intensely colored length of his cock. She could see the urgency he was feeling in the visible throb of that amazing staff of flesh even before she saw it in his dark, molten eyes. He took hold of her under her knees and slid her to the very edge of the bed. He paused only long enough to slide another pillow under her, raising her up perfectly to meet him.

    She could tell by the ticking of his jaw muscle that he had his teeth tightly clenched, a sign of how tautly he was reining himself in. The idea intrigued her, tempting the boldness he himself had been encouraging from her. With her focus slowly revolving around to Trace’s needs, a sense of control slid through her. He had toyed with her, albeit for her own good and ultimate pleasure, but she wanted very much to know what that had felt like for him. The only way to know that…

    Trace caught his furiously hard cock in his hand and moved forward toward her. All he could think about was the snug heat and bliss of plunging into her. It would be so sweet. So incredibly sweet.


    He looked up with a blink of surprise, barely recognizing her voice in the low purr of command. There was something in her eyes he had never seen before, either, something strong and…wicked.

    “Ashla,” he warned her, knowing he was working on a hair trigger of patience.

    “I’ve never tasted you,” she said as she wriggled herself upright. Her hands slid up his chest as she gained her knees, her beautiful figure braced before him in a pose of striking feminine seduction. “I want to taste you,” she whispered hotly against his stunned lips as he felt her hand drift down over his to touch him. He let go of himself to make way for her, his eager staff leaping up at her first light caress before she caught him snugly in her small hand.

    How could he deny her after so much time spent making her voice her desires? She was just continuing the lesson, only he feared this time it would be him in the position of student. He had spent hours in classes learning how to prolong his release in the face of unbelievable stimulus, but how could any of that prepare him for the sight of her licking her lips as she stroked him so lightly it made every nerve strain to her touch?

    “Lie down on the bed,” she instructed him, letting him free so she could shove pillows out of the way, dumping them to the floor impatiently. He obeyed her command with a smile in his eyes. He knew he was jumping into the sun, but damn it, he was proud of her fearless hunger.

    When he was settled, she lay down perpendicular to him, her head pillowed on his belly and facing away from him. He stuck another pillow behind his head, raising himself up just far enough to watch her carefully study his body.

    Ashla started with a single finger, touching the darkly purpled head where it was oozing slightly sticky fluid. She was overwhelmed with the raw scent of an aroused male, the sexual musk of animal desire making her shiver with delight. She could hear him breathing under her ear, the quickness quite telling.

    She tracked her single finger down his length, all the way from the tip to the soft web of skin that led her through a nest of pubic curls before introducing her to the taut sac beneath. Here she used her full hand to cradle him, hearing him make a low, rumbling sound in his throat and smiling because she knew what it meant. He was malleable here, but she felt the hardness of his testicles within as a testament to his readiness for her. Her smile turned sly as she reversed her path slowly and stroked her fingers up along bumps, ridges, and prominent veins. He twitched and pulsed as her hand closed around him, and she felt his hand fall on her back and hold against her tightly.

    Trace learned a whole new form of torture as her butterfly touch searched and explored him. When she finally rose up from his stomach, Trace was in a full sweat of need. Then she leaned over him and blew warm breath all along his shaft, trying his own trick against him and succeeding quite merrily. His cock jumped in its stimulated delight, drooling a fresh stream of pre-cum for her, and that was what finally lured her in. Her curiosity sent out a teasing pink tongue to touch the head of his penis, testing his taste almost cautiously.

    That was when he realized she had never done this before.

    It came to him in a dawning rush of clarity and overwhelming excitement. He was going to be her first taste of this decadent delight. Him and no other. Just as he had been the first to make her come.

    Him and no other.

    The possessive flood of emotion that broke over him made him tense and she felt it. She backed off, misinterpreting, and his soul cried in dismay, his erection weeping in reflection.

    “Please, jei li, don’t stop,” he ground out, not caring what it was going to take to keep control. He would. Even if he died of heart seizure, he would maintain control for her.

    It was all the encouragement she needed. Clearly pleased with her first taste, she returned for another, this one broader and using the whole flat of her silky little tongue. Trace groaned as his eyes rolled closed for a second to immerse himself in the sensation, but half the thrill was watching her. Beautiful, blessed Darkness, he could watch her forever. It was burning in his memory as she leaned closer and her gleaming curls of pale gold tumbled over him, dancing against his turgid flesh and tickling like hundreds of the tiniest fingers.

    Then out of nowhere, she went for broke, shocking his entire system as she bravely closed her lips around him and sucked him into her mouth. Trace’s hips lurched up from the bed even as his hand speared into her hair. He cried out in a low bark of pleasure, the sound strained as he tried to control the urge to thrust against the tongue that tormented him. Worse, she enjoyed making him react, so she did it again, only she wasn’t as afraid to test the depths of her mouth as he might have expected her to be. He hadn’t gambled on her curiosity or her driving need to get even with him. So he found himself deep in the warm seal of her mouth when she hummed in pleasure at the taste of him on her palate. The vibration skipped over his every erogenous nerve and shattered his reserve.

    “Ashla. Do it. Please, baby, I need you to suck me hard. I need—!”

    Trace gasped when she did just that, testing his tolerance for the draw and pressure she applied. She kept watching his face, checking him to see if she was doing anything to hurt him. She needn’t have worried, he thought on the border of hysteria, he was so hard he could have deflected bullets.

    And then she remembered she had hands, too.

    She was imitating things she had seen somewhere else, he could tell, but it was a fabulous source, whatever it was. He’d never felt someone so inexperienced suit herself so naturally to giving head.

    And that was exactly why he was in deep, deep trouble.

    The urge to release blindsided him. He had thought himself in control, but he wasn’t in the least. The burning sensation crawling up his thighs made that very clear.

    “Stop,” he choked gruffly, gripping her hair and coming just shy of pulling her off him. “I don’t want to finish like this!” He was literally gasping for every word.

    The little witch had the temerity to smile the smuggest smile he had ever seen in his life.

    “Get your ass over me right now!” he demanded almost savagely as he grabbed for her arms.

    Between their mutual efforts, she flew up over his body, straddling his hips in a heartbeat. He couldn’t even breathe when she reached between her legs to take hold of his cock and poised herself to take him inside. When she slid his bulging head against her snug little entrance, he thought he would scream himself into pieces.

    Ashla knew she had pushed him too far, though she wasn’t entirely sure how. Regardless, she had never been so delighted in her life. The shift of power between them was a rush unlike anything she had ever known. So when he grabbed her almost brutally by the hips and plunged up into her even as he dragged her down onto him, she cried out in clear victory. Then the fullness of his wild penetration struck her and her whole body shuddered with pleasure. He was enormous! She could hardly believe he fit inside her. But not only did he fit then, but he did again and again. Trace spat an invective in Shadese as he whipped their joined bodies around. He drove her beneath him, gaining purchase with his powerful legs, and began to thrust into her in earnest.

    “Drenna shev ati mui!” he ground out in a wild burst of native intensity. “Darkness is inside you!”

    Heaven and rapture is inside of you.

    She knew the meaning as well as she knew the power of his pistoning flesh inside her. He laid a large hand over her lower belly, as if he were treasuring the spot, and Trace shook his head hard, a denial that wouldn’t work. He looked at her heated eyes with a sense of despair in his, and she understood his dismay at his hasty need.

    She reached up and took his face between her hands.

    “Come for me,” she begged softly.

    “Jei li!”

    Trace couldn’t have said another word even if he had wanted to. He felt his own body betraying him in violent screams of pleasure. He burst out into raw male cries as his body pulsed glorious, painful ecstasy. He came in hard, savage throbs of release, spitting his seed into her as wildly as he had taken her. It felt so good. Oh, so good. The roar of his own blood surging deafened him and his chest burned with the need for breath. He held her tightly in place, making certain she wouldn’t so much as think of moving until he was done, completely ignoring the fact that it was obvious there was no place she would rather be at that moment.

    “You destroy me.”

    He wrenched out the accusation as he fell onto his hands over her, gasping for his breath and trying to ride the shudders of postorgasmic spasms.