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    Jacob(Nightwalkers #1) by Jacquelyn Frank
    “Tell me why,” she urged him, her voice sounding distant and dreamy.
    “You are”—he leaned forward and nuzzled the side of her neck, breathing deeply of her—“clean… and sweet, like nutmeg, and tart like apples. And then the change… ” He pressed his mouth to her ear, rubbing his lips against her, dipping his tongue into the little hollow it made. “Yes, right there,” he murmured, “when your blood stirs, when your arousal sharpens. The scent of musk and everything female.”
    “I see,” she said breathlessly, feeling the change flush through her body more than scenting it as he did. Her hands rubbed over the play of muscles hidden beneath his silken shirt. He was so powerful, and she could feel it in every inch of him she’d ever touched. She had not even begun to touch him, she realized suddenly. She’d always been far too overwhelmed by his need for her, by his dominance. She wanted to touch him, more than anything, and to feel all the contours of the body he kept hidden beneath the sophistication of silk and tailored seams.
    Jacob moved to the side of her neck, opening his mouth, touching his tongue to her pulse, sucking softly and making her shiver as her flesh exploded in goose bumps. He smiled against her skin, well aware of the tiny pearls of flesh blossoming under the caress of his tongue. He lifted his head, rubbing his nose and lips up her neck, over her cheek, until he could see her darkening eyes.
    “Where is it, Jacob?” she asked softly, her breath coming quick against his nearby mouth. “That animal you are so afraid will hurt me, where is it now?”
    “Closer than you realize,” he assured her.
    I would be fearful if I thought for even a moment I had to be, Jacob.
    This time Jacob did take notice of her voice lilting through his mind. The link between them was growing stronger, seemingly with every touch.
    I am in your mind, Enforcer. I would know if I had anything to fear.
    Jacob looked deeply into her intense violet eyes, seeing the confidence in them radiating at him like a warming light. It was the first time someone had called him Enforcer and had actually made it sound like a welcomed, affectionate term. He felt his heart constrict within his chest, his throat closing with emotional tension. Until that moment, he hadn’t realized how much he’d longed for someone to like him with affection and warmth outside of the connection of his siblings and beyond the respectful acquaintance Noah provided.
    The feeling was profound. He couldn’t hope to hide it from her and he saw her eyes fill with moist compassion for his solitude, for all the abuse he’d withstood from the very race that needed him. Bella’s kindness was a remarkable gift, one he would not squander. She was giving and trusting, always without thinking about what it would cost her. She was a sunshine that he could bask in without ill effect. He would be careful with her, or he would die trying.
    It was that moment when he realized how easily he could lose his heart to her.
    That perhaps he already had.
    He guarded the thought from her, feeling that she was under enough pressure as it was. If she would be his, and Destiny knew he wanted her to be, he wouldn’t have her doing so out of charity for his people or the pressure of his growing feelings for her. She had to make her choices free of those encumbrances. He could be satisfied no other way.
    Isabella saw him working on heavy thoughts, but he was keeping them locked safely away from her. True, she shouldn’t be nosing around in his head after the lecture she’d given him on privacy, but she’d grown used to sharing her feelings and impressions with him. It connected them, and she felt secure with that connection in place. She glanced at her hand, which was absently toying with the first closed button of his shirt, her knuckles snuggled warmly against the exposed skin above it. She had read that the natural body temperature of a Demon was five degrees cooler than a human’s, but somehow he always seemed so warm to her.
    She flicked one finger across the button deftly, opening his shirt another few inches. She slid her entire hand beneath the fabric, concentrating completely on the smooth texture of his skin and the way it warmed to her touch. He sighed, his lashes fluttering down to obscure his eyes. When he looked up again, that black flame that was becoming so familiar was flickering in his gaze.
    Jacob took a hand from the door and let it fall with purpose to the gaping lapels of her silk blouse. He began running the tip of a single finger over her skin in a leisurely fashion, from one side of her collarbone to the other. One little touch, Bella, and you turn me inside out. Can you feel it?
    She could. She closed her eyes and let her consciousness meld with his, feeling from his perspective the way his body stirred and his blood warmed. His muscles flexed and tightened in anticipation, and she felt the heavy weight, pulse, and ache of the erection that strained with discomfort within his clothing.
    Isabella was instantly fascinated. She couldn’t help herself. The moment she slipped back into her own mind and flushing body, she slid her hands down the length of his torso, traveling the landscape of clothing quickly and succinctly until her fingers were gliding past his belt and along the stitching of his fly. Jacob sucked in a fast, brutal breath as she eagerly sought for his hardness through the fabric of his slacks until she was boldly and intimately cupping him in her happily situated hand.
    “You are going to drive me mad,” Jacob uttered in a strangled, dark pitch, his voice rumbling across her senses like the purring of a massive lion.
    “Perhaps it’s my inexperience, then, because I wasn’t trying to make you mad,” she remarked, curling her fingers slightly so that her nails made the next brush over the fabric confining him.
    He groaned, the sound stirring up from deep inside of him, his body leaning into hers as if the simple pleasure she was giving him had weakened his ability to stand up straight. Isabella found herself enjoying that idea. Pleased with his reactions but dissatisfied with their cumbersome clothing, she raised both hands to the task of unbuttoning his shirt the rest of the way. She leaned toward him to stroke his solid flesh boldly as she bared it, dipping deep beneath the gaping shirt, her touch spanning his entire chest, his sides, and his back. Jacob was so lost in sensation that he didn’t seem to realize his hand had instinctively moved to cradle her breast, kneading it gently through her bra.
    He shuddered as her nails scraped lightly down the entire length of his back, her fingertips fanning and fluttering over his skin with gossamer curiosity. So simple a touch, yet so profound, and he felt the painful bliss low in his body, throbbing hard with demand.
    “Be sure,” he gasped suddenly, his hand squeezing her supple flesh, his thumb rolling over her distended nipple. “Be absolutely sure, Bella.”
    I’ve never been so sure in my entire life. Come into my mind and you’ll know that, just as I do.
    He did as she beckoned and couldn’t mistake the calm that was at the core of her stirring passion. She was, as she said, completely without doubt. Indeed, her curiosity was growing exponentially, and the desires and thoughts flitting through her mind about what she wanted to do, to try, to learn and know, pushed him well past any point of refusing her.
    He removed his touch from her only long enough to wrap her slight body in his iron embrace, pulling her feet from the floor until her breasts rested high against his chest and her hair tumbled down over his shoulders, her mouth smiling just slightly before he captured it with a slight stretch of his neck.
    As he kissed her breathless, he moved back across the room with her. Then, reluctantly tapering off his kiss, he kneeled on the bed and settled her gently in the center. She stretched out, the sexy, sensual movement and her teasing smile reflecting her pure satisfaction of her sway over him. But she had barely tasted what she would be capable of, and Jacob’s blood ran like fire through his veins as he eagerly welcomed the realization. When she truly learned what her influence over him could be, he had a feeling he was going to be extremely lucky to be her lover.
    With one hand, he skimmed through the remaining buttons of her shirt. Jacob put his mouth on her freshly exposed skin. She took a deep breath and released it in a low, trilling sound of pleasure, her back curving up toward his skillful lips. He nuzzled her through the lace of her bra, his lips brushing the aroused peak of her nipple. Then his mouth was open on her, his teeth drawing her in with a gentle tug, the moisture of his now-suckling lips penetrating right through the lace. She convulsed in response to the pleasure tripping through her entire body, all from that one small point he attended to. She reached to touch his cheek, a silent summons, and he lifted his head a fraction of an inch as she slid the material of her bra aside for him, exposing the beautiful, dusky peak. His mouth returned to her with quick enthusiasm, his free hand skimming over her delicate ribs, the crescent of her waist, and the tender curve of her hip.
    Her blouse and bra seemed to fall away from her in those next few minutes. She was suddenly bared from the waist up, her hands buried in his hair as he teased her aching breasts with his mouth. The exploring hands that roamed her body drove her equally mad with his artful combinations of caresses. She felt him find the inner leg seam of her jeans.
    Jacob pressed his fingers up along the ridge of cloth slowly, enjoying how every inch upward was warmer than the last. He left her breasts and their now-raging sensitivity, finding her mouth hotly. He sucked and kissed the flavor of her kiss feverishly onto his tongue, making himself insane with the pleasure of it while reveling in her gasps and moans of wild pleasure as they filled his ears… filled his mouth.
    Then she was pulling his shirt from his slacks, driven by the urge to feel his flesh against hers. Jacob satisfied the demand raging through her wild thoughts, lowering his hot skin into contact with hers, all the while continuing that leisurely path up the inseam of her jeans with his fingers. She was not even conscious of how she wriggled and writhed in attempts to make him speed up his journey. She was completely unaware of how every twist of her hot little body beneath his triggered desperately primal urges. Her scent permeated his every pore, making him growl, low and intense, as he finally cupped the core of all that wonderful heat in his fervent hand. His palm pushed against her mound and his fingers pressed tight to her. He groaned when he realized she was damp right through the denim.
    Jacob was suddenly rising up on his knees, stripping off his shirt as he did so. His actions were torrid, punctuated by a feral, rough sound, but Isabella was far from intimidated. She urged him on in soft whispers of encouragement, raised her hips when he went to strip off her jeans and panties, unbuckled the thin belt at his waist eagerly. When he was finally completely nude, he crept back onto the bed, his hands moving her knees apart with the intent of lying directly up the center of her body. She had watched his approach with wide, anticipatory eyes, and Jacob was forced to hesitate when she inadvertently sent off an impression of anxiety. He reached for her mind, threading himself into her thoughts, seeking the cause of her apprehension quickly.
    Is… is that normal?
    Jacob tried not to smile, knowing there was a good chance he would get smacked for it. He followed her curious gaze at his body. Quite normal, he assured her. But then, unable to resist, he added: For a Demon.
    She gasped, looking up into his eyes, taking only a second to see the amusement glittering through the flames of arousal.
    “You are so mean!”
    “You are so adorable,” he countered, chuckling softly as he nuzzled the sensitive spot he had found on the side of her neck with his lips. This distracted her just long enough for him to close his hand around hers and guide her touch to him. “And now, you can choose to get me back… or not.”
    Her hand curled open, that irrepressible tactile curiosity of hers leaping to the forefront as the heavy weight of his arousal rested in her palm. He slipped back into her mind, feeling her wonder as she discovered what it was like to touch a male so intimately for the first time. The first thing she noticed was that he was a contradiction of sensations, as hard as the iron his kind so feared, and yet that hardness was covered in velvety, hot skin. Soft and smooth at a surface touch, rigid and powerful with a stronger touch.
    Her curious exploration went on, and Jacob broke out in a sweat as his entire frame shuddered. Her caress was pure ecstasy, forcing pulses of heat and incredible stretches of increasing hardness to the shaft between her curious fingers. She discovered the wetness her touch had milked from him, nuzzling it with her palm in such a way that a soulful groan was torn out of him. He rocketed into her mind, making her feel what he was feeling, causing her to cry out in delighted shock.
    Feel this, Bella. Feel how you burn me.
    He wrenched the command into her mind, and she obeyed him. She could feel the painful pleasure she caused him, could feel the impulses that raged through him because of every stroke, every embrace. She was panting out soft, excited sounds, totally unaware she was doing so, as she slid her palm along him from tip to base and back again. Need, stark with the howl of nature’s wild soul, exploded into Jacob’s mind and spirit. She felt it slam into her mind, scorching her psyche with its ferocious demands. She absorbed the brunt of it equally with him, and when they looked back into each other’s eyes, the beast was at the ready in both of them.
    Isabella heard the rumbling of a soft, beckoning growl. She realized the low, seductive call was her own, seeking the response of her mate. She vocalized again, the rolling sound a static-filled purr that sought to lure him closer. Jacob replied, the rumbling sound deepening and reverberating as it was expelled. He grabbed her toying hand by the wrist, his mighty grip painful as he pinned the torturous appendage to the pillow near her head. His eyes bored into hers, a midnight sheen that was reflecting the wild urgency scouring through his every vessel.
    He lowered his head to the rise of her breast, baring his teeth as he did so. She was breathing so hard that her chest rose to meet him and she saw the satisfaction that rushed into his turbulent eyes. His teeth scraped over her and she felt them dotting across her skin. Again, he moved to the curve of her collarbone, up to the slope of her shoulder.