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    Rapture(Shadowdwellers #2) by Jacquelyn Frank

    “You see? Change can be a good thing,” she reminded him with a pleasurable murmur.

    “In the case of recent events, I wholeheartedly concur. However, I know one thing that will never change, K’yindara.”

    “Payback is a bitch?” she breathed hotly as he began to gather her forward against him.

    “Mmm,” he agreed as he lowered her to the floor. “In many ways. My faith is in Drenna, Dae. She will bear us through the trials to come and see that Acadian gets what she well deserves.”

    “The question is, will it come in time to keep your loved ones safe,” she said, speaking aloud his worries for him. He sighed as he took a moment’s comfort in the sweet cream aroma of her skin.

    “Is it asking too much to want all that and be blessed with you as well?”

    “Never. Good intentions and goodwill can never be overabundant.”

    “My gracious gods”—he chuckled, pulling back in affected shock to look at her—“you actually sound like a handmaiden.”

    “Imagine that.” She giggled.

    He paused to rub a gentle, loving thumb against her temple, simply absorbing her presence in his life for a moment. “I want you to be happy here with me. I want to keep you protected and to love you well. Never let me forget how to treat you and never let me neglect what we need.”

    “Never, jei li,” she promised softly. “Because you know, if you do…”


    “You’re totally fucked.”