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    Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2) by Quinn Loftis

    “Gee, Jen. Thanks so much for the reminder of the fact that I’m going to be a chew toy later on tonight. I’m not nervous enough as it is or anything,” Jacque told her.

    “I’m just saying,” Jen said with a roll of her eyes and shoulder shrug, "If it was me who was going to get chomped on by a hot, drool worthy, Romanian fur ball, let's just say I wouldn't make him chase me too long."

    "Yeah, well knowing you, Jen, the so called fur ball wouldn't be the only one doing the chomping," Sally teased her dryly.

    "No doubt, my sweet wall flower. But more to the point, it wouldn't be just my neck he would be chomping on!" Jen apparently cracked herself up with that one because she nearly fell out of her chair laughing, although the shoe Jacque threw at her head didn't help matters.

    "Jacque, quit throwing shoes at Jen's head. Jen, if at all possible quite being a pervert for like 5 minutes."

    "Make it 2 1/2 minutes and we have a deal," Jen volleyed back.

    "Shameless," muttered Jacque, "the nyphmo is utterly, undeniably shameless."

    "We all gotta be something, Jac." Jen just had to have the last word, so Jacque and Sally finally relented.

    Sally pushed Jacque down into the chair by her desk and began to gather the various hair items she would need to tame the wild curls. As Jacque sat there staring off at nothing in particular, her mind was drawn back to the events of the past week. It was hard for her to believe that she'd only met Fane a week ago. She felt like she had known him forever and already couldn’t imagine life without him. In one week she'd learned she was half Canis Lupus, her father was full Canis Lupus, and also that she was the mate of the Prince of the Romanian Canis Lupus. She had been claimed by the lunatic Alpha of Coldspring and had to watch Fane fight him for bonding rights. She even thought she’d watched Fane die. If someone had told her last week that all this was going to happen she would have said something along the lines of, yeah, and George Strait is selling me his ocean front property in Arizona as well.

    “OWWW!” Jacque hollered as Sally’s hair ministrations pulled her from her thoughts.

    “Well what do you expect with this flaming mess on your head?” Sally asked her as she continued to pull and tug on her hair.

    “Just make sure you leave me some hair up there, okay?” Jacque said, rolling her eyes.

    Jen walked over to look at Sally’s handy work. “That actually looks pretty great, Sal. I like the little glitter bobby-pins you put in, very fairy tale-ish.”

    “Okay, okay, let me look already,” Jacque said as she stood up and went to the mirror on her dresser. “Wow, Sally, it looks awesome. You made me look so much prettier than I really am. Sweet! Thanks, chickadee.”

    Sally grabbed Jacque by the shoulders and turned her so they were face to face. “You are beautiful, big, wild hair and all. All I did was bring attention to that fact. The way Fane looks at you, you should never doubt your beauty on the inside or out,” Sally told her.

    “Man Sal, why don’t I ever get pep talks like that?” Jen asked.

    “If ever you are in need of a pep talk, Jen, I will gladly deliver. As it is, you are a walking ego, so most of the time you need to be brought down a notch, not up. I say that with all the love in my heart,” Sally teased her.

    “Yeah, you are totally blowing me away with all your quote, unquote love. How ‘bout don’t give me so much love next time, huh?”

    Jacque grabbed her dress and the jacket and began walking to the bathroom. “Ok, while ya’ll work out your love issues, I’m going to get dressed. I expect ya’ll to have kissed and made up by the time I get back.”

    “Brush your teeth before you put that dress on,” Sally told her.

    “Yeah and don’t put perfume on your neck, you know because of the chomp…” Jen started.

    “Chomp, chomp. Yeah I got it, Jen,” Jacque interrupted.

    Jacque closed the door to the bathroom and leaned against it. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “I can do this,” she said out loud. It wasn't that she was scared of bonding with Fane, she wanted to be with him more than anything. No, she was just a big chicken about pain and wasn’t really looking forward to being bitten. Then she remembered what it felt like when she thought he had died. She realized that in comparison to that feeling, a bite would be a piece of cake. On that thought she was able to move forward feeling much lighter.

    “Are you ok, love?” she heard Fane ask in her mind.

    She smiled at the warmth she could feel coming through such a simple question.

    “I am excellent, wolf-man. Although, I am missing you,” Jacque told him.

    “I will see you soon, micul incendiu (little fire).”

    “Fane, stay with me,” Jacque whispered in her thoughts.

    “Always,” was his simple reply.

    True to his word, Jacque could feel him like a shadow in her mind and it calmed her nerves and made her feel cherished.

    Jacque soon stepped out of the bathroom and her two best friends stopped and stared, open mouthed.

    “Well, how do I look?” Jacque asked them, a little unsure.

    “You look amazing! Fane won’t be able to take his eyes off of you,” Jen told her.

    Sally nodded her agreement but didn’t say anything. Jacque looked over to her bed and saw that Sally had retrieved her suitcase and begun putting clothes in it for her.

    “Sally, you don’t have to pack a whole bunch it’s just one night and then I will be back here,” Jacque said.

    Sally’s face fell a tiny bit. “You will be back, but only for a few days. Then you will be packing more than an overnight bag,” she told her, sounding so lost.

    “I really hope you guys are considering coming to Romania for our senior year. Alina looked into the foreign exchange program, and found that it would look really good on college applications, and she has offered to be ya'lls host family. Have either of you talked to your parents about it yet?" Jacque asked.

    “I mentioned it to my parents and once I pointed out that it could give me a leg up in getting into the international business degree programs I just happen to all of a sudden be interested in, they were surprisingly okay with it,” Jen explained. “ I kind of think my mom wants a break from me. You both know that if my mom and I are in the same room for too long it’s like two pissed off cats who have been tossed in cold water and are ready to rip someone’s eyes out. So I was going to surprise you later but now’s as good a time as any. Romania won’t know what hit them when I get done,” Jen teased, although the statement was more true than not.