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    Fate and Fury(Grey Wolves #6) by Quinn Loftis

    Finally, after several quiet moments spent rubbing her back and kissing her hair, he spoke.

    “I have a responsibility to take care of the draheim. It can’t be allowed to stay in this realm. It’s too dangerous.”

    Lilly nodded. “I kind of figured that much. What do we do next?”

    Cypher smiled. “I like it when you say we.”

    Lilly blushed and he ran a finger along her warm cheek. “I like it when I make you blush as well.” Lilly didn’t stop him when he leaned forward and kissed her. She didn’t think about how awkward Cyn must feel having her and Cypher make out like two teenagers. All she could think about was how good the kiss was, how soft his lips were, and when they parted, how incredible he tasted. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he pulled her closer. The kiss lasted longer than Cypher had intended, but then he could never get enough of Lilly. He could kiss her every day, all day, and it still, wouldn’t be enough. He would still crave her as he did now.

    Lilly was breathless when they pulled apart and she knew that she was blushing furiously as the heat danced on her face. “You aren’t supposed to be wooing me Casanova; you’re supposed to be telling me the kick ass plan to take out the big, bad dragon.”

    “Sometimes a man just needs to kiss his woman, little one. And, right then there was nothing more that I needed than to feel your lips on mine.”

    His words made her heart beat faster and she felt the truth behind them clear to her toes. Good grief Lilly, you’re a grown woman, not some love sick teenager, she told herself, but then added, that means I get to do grown woman things right? She smiled at the pun that she totally intended. Then she wanted to mentally slap herself for letting her mind even step a toe in that direction of thinking. Cypher must have noticed.

    “What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?” He asked, with a wicked grin.

    Lilly frowned. “Nothing you need to worry about. Now, what’s the plan?”

    Cypher’s face changed in the blink of an eye from playful to utterly serious as if a light switched had been flicked inside his head. He knew the only way to kill the beast was with the arrow or sword forged by an elf. The problem? It had been a very, very, long time since he had seen an elf in the human realm.

    “Before we were attacked, a second time I might add, you mentioned elves,” Lilly prompted, then looked over at Cyn for confirmation. Cyn nodded.

    Cypher let out a resigned sigh, stood up, and set Lilly back down in his spot. He thought better if he was standing and able to move. His brain just seemed to clear when he could move about freely.

    “The elves are a very secretive race. They hold all of their knowledge close to their hearts, and for good reason. They may not be as powerful as the Fae, but they come close. They are also able to produce many things with their magic that no other race can. One such thing is the magical properties in the metal of their weapons. An elf blade, or arrow, or weapon of any metal for that matter, can kill anything.”

    Lilly’s eyes widened. “Anything?”

    Cypher nodded. “And some of us are very hard to kill.”

    “Which is why they hold their secrets close,” Lilly’s voice softened as she spoke her thoughts aloud. “If the wrong person, or supernatural, got their hands on the knowledge to make a weapon that could kill any and all of you, it could be disastrous.”

    Cyn finally spoke for the first time since they had stopped running. “It is imperative that Mona never gain this knowledge.”

    Lilly nodded and said in a wry tone. “That’s sort of a given.” She looked up at Cypher with raised eye brows.

    “So how do we find the elves?”

    “We don’t,” Cypher answered, ominously. “They find us.”

    “Well, that may not be entirely true,” said Cyn. “I can find a veil to their land,” she offered.

    Cypher turned to look at the Fae. “How?”

    Cyn shrugged nonchalantly. “I have a friend that is an elf.”

    “Can you contact this friend somehow?” Lilly asked.

    Cyn shook her head. “Once we enter their realm we still could only find them if they wanted to be found.”

    Lilly stood and brushed the dirt off the rear of her pants, straitened her shirt and tightened her pony tail. “Alright then, we don’t have time to sit around and watch the leaves blow.”

    Cypher looked over at his mate and his lips tilted up slightly. “Does anybody just sit and watch leaves blow?”

    Lilly snorted. “People in little bitty towns in Texas will sit and watch paint dry as long as there is food to eat and company to eat it with, which really if you have company there is always food involved, oh and sweet tea. Never forget the sweet tea, that’s like forgetting to put your pants on in the south.”

    Cyn frowned. “And you think we are strange?”

    “No, I think you are strange—er, I never said, humans didn’t have our fair share of strangeness.”

    Cypher took Lilly’s hand in his and nodded for Cyn to lead the way. “I like your weirdness,” Cypher whispered.

    Lilly grinned up at him. “Are you trying to get brownie points?”

    Cypher chuckled. “Little one, I don’t need brownie points to get what I want from you.”

    Lilly’s heart stopped in her chest at the insinuation in his voice. She didn’t dare look up at him because then he would see the desire in her eyes, and know that he was indeed correct. The man was too yummy for his own good and the only thing he would need with brownies would be to, STOP that thought right there Lilly Pierce she admonished herself, then grinned because in spite of her age, and no matter what she said, she was completely smitten…and with a warlock King no less.

    Cyn walked at a brisk pace through the Balkan Mountains. The closest veil into Othea, the realm of the elves, was deep in the Carpathian Mountains along the _______________ _ river.

    She didn’t have a clue as to how Thalion would react to them entering his realm, but at this point, there was too much going on to really worry about offending him. Although, she supposed you should always worry about offending people who made weapons that could kill anything. They were going to have to get some modern transportation if they wanted to get there quickly.

    “We’re going to have to go into Ruse to get something to drive,” Cyn called over her shoulder.