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    Fate and Fury(Grey Wolves #6) by Quinn Loftis

    “Jennifer,” he responded, not unkindly.

    “We good?”

    “I will be better once I can look you over thoroughly, and once Cynthia examines you and lets me know our little girl is alright.”

    “I’m fine babe, promise.” She tried to reassure him, but she knew he was telling the truth; he wouldn’t be all right until he had looked her over himself.

    “I love you, Jennifer,” his voice suddenly sounded urgent in her mind.

    “I love you to. I’m glad your back.”

    “You missed my bossy, brooding, possessive ways?” He teased.

    “Wouldn’t have you any other way, babe.”

    “I’ll remember you said that,” he warned with a smile, knowing she would get the reference.

    She laughed out loud, as they jogged through the quiet forest.

    “Tombstone.” She confirmed with a smile at him and the slight upturn of his lips sent a thrill through her. He was safe, he was with her and now she could focus on saving the world, saving their baby, and anything else that needed saving.

    “Feeling ambitious?” Decebel asked with a smirk.

    She smiled wickedly at him, “Oh babe, you have no idea.”

    Chapter 10

    “For centuries we have managed to stay out of the affairs of humans and other supernatural races. I do not feel that it is in our best interest to get involved in the tribulations of others. Unfortunately, what I feel does not matter to those outside of my own race. I should have known it was only a matter of time before trouble should show up at our door. However, I could have never imagined that the trouble would include not one race or two, but all of the supernaturals save ours. Just goes to show that my imagination is very bland. ~ Thalion, Prince of the Elves

    “Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Lilly asked as they stood before a clearing in the vast forest.

    Cypher was staring intently into the clearing and Lilly knew he must be seeing something she was not.

    Cyn made a motion with her hand and suddenly there was ripple in the air. Out of nowhere, a seam appeared and, like a curtain, the space in front of them parted and she could see through it to the other side. It did not match the forest around them and for that reason she knew that she was looking into the realm of the elves.

    Cypher looked down at her and the answer was evident in his eyes.

    “Okay, okay,” she groaned, “we don’t really have a choice do we?”

    “We cannot walk away from a dangerous situation hoping that someone else will step forward and deal with it. We might not be the first ones to discover the draheim in the human realm, but we are the only ones willing to fix it.”

    “For someone who was willing to make a deal with the devil, you sure are turning out to be noble and selfless.” Lilly told him with a wink.

    “I am not so noble as to give up the woman who was kidnapped to be my mate.” Though the words came out softly, Lilly felt the possessiveness behind them and tried to deny the warm feeling it gave her. She was wanted. After being discarded so many years ago, someone wanted her and she didn’t know how to respond.

    Cyn’s throat clearing drew their attention back to the open Veil.

    “Ready?” She asked them.

    In response, Cypher walked towards the Veil without hesitation and stepped through it. Cyn motioned for Lilly to go next, and then followed closely behind.

    Lilly’s mouth dropped open as she turned in slow circle.

    “Have we just walked into a Disney movie?” She asked, in awe of the scenery around her.

    The sky above her was the most beautiful shade of blue she had ever seen. The sun shown down on a grassy meadow and the blades blew in the wind rhythmically. The trees around them were tall and strong with large leaves that were a bright vivid green. Birds fluttered from tree to tree, chirping happily. Lilly felt as if at any moment a beautiful big eyed, tiny waisted princess would emerge, spinning out of the trees singing some ridiculous song about nature, or love, or needing to get away from her wicked mother.

    “Technology has not polluted their realm the way it has in the human realm,” Cyn explained.

    Lilly made an “oh” expression with her mouth as she continued to take in the realm before her.

    “Do we find them or do they find us?” Cypher asked the Fae.

    “We will go deeper into the realm, but they will definitely find us before we even know that they are upon us.”

    “Excellent,” Lilly groaned, “because you know I didn’t want this little adventure in our story to be easy or anything. I mean seriously, where would the crazy excitement in that be?”

    Cyn’s brow furrowed at her and Lilly laughed. “Sarcasm Cyn, it’s a coping mechanism I learned from my daughter and her best friends.”

    Cypher took Lilly’s hand in his and smiled at Cyn. “Just nod your head like you understand and it might make her stop.”

    A slight smile crept up on Cyn’s lips and that made Lilly smile even wider.

    “Let’s go,” Cypher said, as he tugged on Lilly’s hand. “Stay alert,” he added.

    “Have I mentioned that I’m so hungry that I might consider gnawing one of my arms off?” Lilly asked in between breaths as she kept up with Cypher’s long strides.

    “Only twenty three times,” Cyn answered, not sarcastically, just stating a fact.

    “What’s the quota for mentioning hunger before food is finally the answer given, instead of a dry retort?”

    Cypher chuckled at his mate. He loved her quirky sense of humor, and her ability to handle stress so well. He even loved when she complained, like now, because it meant he got to hear her beautiful voice.

    “I haven’t exactly set one,” Cyn answered. “But, when I do, you’ll be the first to know.”

    Lilly’s mouth dropped open as she eyed Cyn. “Were you just being sarcastic? Oh... my gosh you were... you just totally tossed sarcasm at me like a pro.”

    Cyn shrugged. “I’m learning to cope with you.”

    That comment brought a cough from Cypher as he tried to stifle his laughter.

    Lilly’s eyes narrowed but the sparkle in them made it clear that she wasn’t really irritated. “I’ll let that one slide because I figure you need the practice.”

    An hour later they finally stopped and Cyn reached in the pack that she carried on her back and pulled out a loaf of something that looked a lot like bread. She tore off two pieces and handed one each to Cypher and Lilly.