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    Fate and Fury(Grey Wolves #6) by Quinn Loftis

    Decebel snarled loudly, finally losing his resolve. “You each took one of us as your mate. You bound yourselves by blood to your mate. You joined your body and made yourselves one with your mate. You are no longer your own.” He was shaking with rage and power swirled around him. “It is not your right to choose separation from your mate FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME!”

    Surprise flashed across their faces when it wasn’t Decebel’s mate who responded.

    “But it is your right to keep yourselves from us?” Crina’s voice was steady, though as she looked over at Adam the hurt flashed in her eyes.

    A snarl worthy of a wolf erupted from Adam as he pulled Crina to him.

    He whispered feverishly in her ear. “We are too new at this to be making impetuous decisions. We are still learning how this bond works between us Crina; don’t walk away now.”

    Crina stared at his handsome face; saw the desperation in his eyes to keep her at his side. His words were true, but she knew that he had been holding himself back from her as well. Whatever he had seen in the In-Between was creating a void between them. She turned to Rachel then, needing to know what was inside.

    “Will you?” Crina asked, knowing that Rachel would understand what she was asking.

    Rachel nodded and walked over to them. She reached up, placed her hand on Adam's chest, and closed her eyes. She could see their bond and it had been getting stronger, but then she saw the black haze in Adam’s mind. She saw the wall he had put up between the bond and the darkness. Then the bond weakened because of it. Somehow, Rachel knew that if Adam would let her in, would fully bond with her, then they would have the same abilities as the other mated pairs. She opened her eyes and pulled her hand back as she looked up into Adam’s face. Rachel could see the pleading in his eyes, begging for her not to expose his actions. She shook her head. Rachel would not enable him to keep his mate from what was her right.

    Rachel turned back to Crina. “He tries to protect you, but the barrier he has put on your bond is keeping it from growing and developing. I believe you will be able to reach each other’s minds. I believe that you will develop markings that will identify you as mates, but only if you allow the bond to grow. It appears exactly as the bond between wolves, but it withers under Adam’s refusal to open it.”

    Adam’s arm dropped from Crina as he watched the tears stream down her face. She stepped away from him and took a steadying breath. “Your touch is uninvited.” Her voice wavered, but her rigid shoulders and upturned chin expressed what her voice could not. She turned and nearly made it past Peri’s barrier, but Adam was as fast as a wolf. He grabbed her and spun her around, and then took her face in his hands he kissed her. Their lips barely touched when Adam jumped back as pain ripped through him. His eyes were filled with confusion as he looked at his mate.

    “What was that?” He asked, as his hands fisted at his sides aching with the need to touch her.

    “Your touch is uninvited,” she repeated.

    Adam closed his eyes as realization struck him. “That’s why the words are so formal. They are binding aren’t they, some part of the Canis lupus magic?” She nodded as she continued to back up.

    He turned to Peri. “What undoes this?”

    Peri asked him as she shook her head. “Now, now, Adam, I can’t play favorites with you just because you are Fae.”

    Adam growled at her, and then looked back at his mate. She was so close and yet it felt like an ocean separated them.

    Rachel left Gavril’s side without a backward glance. Her shoulders were pulled back and her jaw tilted defiantly. Gavril made no move to stop her, nor did he speak.

    Elle stood next to Sorin, staring at the females who had made their choice and she saw the pain it was costing them. She also knew that what Rachel had said was true. As the time from their rescue, passed Sorin had touched her less and less. He hadn’t used their bond unless absolutely necessary. They'd had no time alone together, no time to talk about their mating. She hadn’t even told him about her markings yet. All of this swirled in her mind and she found that she was hurt that he had kept her at arm’s length. She had watched the male Canis lupus struggle with their darkness, knew what it could do to them. And still he wasn’t allowing her in. She turned to look at Sorin and saw the moment he realized what she was choosing. Elle moved fast, knowing that he would never let her go if he got his hands on her. Sorin lunged and ran into the same barrier Fane had. He stared at her in disbelief, as her face betrayed no emotions, not until she spoke. “Your touch is uninvited.” Her voice was so small, he barely heard her, but he felt it. To his very soul, he felt it.

    Peri looked over at Cynthia and raised a single eyebrow. “Would you like to pick a team?”

    Cynthia shook her head at Peri’s ability to be so calm as they stood amongst enraged wolves with death in their eyes.

    “I think it best that I be where Jen is,” Cynthia said as she made her way to the women.

    Peri watched as the males stood, rigid, and motionless, staring at their mates. She knew that if she lowered the barrier they would no doubt attempt to drag them back kicking and screaming. Although, judging by the gleam in Alina’s eyes, she had a feeling that she would go willingly, only to then kick Vasile in his baby making parts.

    “Remove the barrier, Perizada,” Vasile ordered, his eyes never moved from his mate.

    “Sorry, Alpha. Can’t do that.”

    “Can’t or won’t,” Decebel snarled.

    “Tomato, tomato,” Peri retorted.

    Decebel bared his teeth at her, and then turned back to Jen.

    “You would keep our daughter from me?”

    Jen rolled her eyes. “Don’t use the daddy card, B. She is toasty warm in this amazing body. If this party is still rolling by the time I go into labor it will be your own stupid fault.”

    “I may not be able to touch her, but I can touch you.”

    “Not anymore,” Jen parried.

    “I can hear her heart beat Jennifer.”

    His words stopped her retort and her eyes held his. Jen fought her every instinct to run to him, to have him wrap her in his arms and keep her safe.

    “Make your choice B. Let me be what you need me to be.”

    Decebel closed his eyes and Jen imagined that he was counting to ten…or one hundred. It usually took longer for him to cool off when he was mad at her.