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    Fate and Fury(Grey Wolves #6) by Quinn Loftis

    “Did she, did, I mean seriously, she…” Jen sputtered, as she looked back and forth between Alina and a growling Vasile.

    “Yes, yes she did.” Jacque laughed.

    “It’s official, Alina. You’re my hero,” Jen shot a fist in the air with a loud “Whoop!”

    After several minutes of the girls chattering back and forth about Alina’s retaliation, the group became quiet. They walked in silence. Soon, the only sounds were their breathing and the crunching of the ground beneath them. The air had grown still without so much as the rustling of leaves and the bird’s song that had filled the darkening sky had become silent. The silence was broken by an earth-shattering scream, and then another and another.

    “ALINA!” The sound of Vasile’s voice rose above the screams of the females as they, one by one, collapsed.

    Peri turned as she watched the last one fall. It was so fast, between one breath and the next, and all six of the mated females were writhing on the ground. She closed her eyes and felt the energy around her. Dark magic was clearly at work.

    Costin was behind Vasile when he heard the screams. He didn’t have to see Sally to know that something was happening to his mate. He felt his own heart skip a beat and nearly stop when he saw her small form hit the ground. It was happening again, only this time it was real. She was screaming, tears flowing down her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around her midsection. He ran for her, not worrying about where his feet landed. All he could see was her; her brown hair spilled carelessly across the ground, her tan skin taking on a green tint even as her lips were turning blue. He fell to his knees before her and reached for her. When his hands touched her, he felt a pulse of electricity rip through him and throw him back. He cried out. A chorus of cries rang through the air as the other males tried to touch their writhing mates. He looked over to Vasile and saw that the Alpha looked as helpless as he felt.

    “PERI, FIX THIS!” Vasile growled.

    “Don’t you think I’m trying, dammit,” the Fae yelled back. Her lips moved quickly and the stones of the Fae had appeared in her hands.

    Peri reached for the magic of her people, the magic in the stones, and she tried to fight against the darkness that was weaving a spell around the females. It was a twisted web that kept getting tighter and tighter. When she realized she could not break it she decided to focus on trying to break the pack magic that kept the males from being able to touch their mates.

    “Peri, what is going on?” She heard Adam’s voice next to her, but didn’t open her eyes.

    “Desdemona, she’s done something to the females, I can’t fix it.”

    “Yet?” Adam asked, desperately.

    “I don’t know, Adam. I’m trying to figure out a way to allow you males to touch your females. If I don’t I’m afraid that I just might be facing my death in the freaky glowing eyes of an Alpha.”

    She didn’t open her eyes, but she knew that Adam was no longer standing beside her. Peri squeezed her eyes tighter and sought out every ounce of magic inside her ancient being. It wasn’t enough.

    Why won’t you help them? Peri reached out to the Great Luna. They’re your children, why are you letting them suffer?

    She didn’t expect an answer, but she got one.

    Evil exists in their world and because of that they will face many trials. Pain will be their friend all too often, but it is how they handle those trials and what they do with the pain that will determine who they will become. I love them too much to cripple them by removing this thorn. Allowing them to endure struggles is not because of a lack of love. It is because I love them that I allow them to struggle so they might gain the strength to do what is necessary. The wolves have free will and they can choose to depend on me as their creator. They can choose to ask me for help or they cannot.

    Peri frowned. And, what about the times you don’t help? What about the times your answer is no?

    Peri felt warmth envelope her as the creator of the wolves spoke to her. Does a parent ever say no to her children? Does a parent ever mean harm for her children? I may not help them by preventing the pain, but the pain is necessary and I will always help them bear it. I will always be with them, holding them, reminding them that they are precious to me. My answer will not always be what they want, and they may not understand it at the time, but I will always have their best interest in my heart. They are mine, nothing can take them from me, but as they live in the world, they will endure the evil in it.

    So,. what am I to do to help them? Peri asked.

    Be there, Perizada. Be there with them and give them strength when they have none. Offer them peace when they feel none and remind them that I have not forsaken them.

    Peri watched as the females she had grown to love lay in pain, their tears drenched the earth and the males that loved them so fiercely sat helpless next to them, unable to touch, unable to help.

    Jen couldn’t remember the last time she had felt such pain. Maybe when she had been burned in the car fire, or maybe when Decebel had been taken from her, or maybe never. She could hear his voice as he called to her. Why wouldn’t he touch her? Why didn’t he pick her up and take the pain away? Then, through the pulsing pain that shot through every limb, she remembered that she had made it so that he couldn’t. Well, she thought, that’s what I get for trying to prove a point.

    “Jennifer?” She heard his voice in her mind and for a brief moment in time, it was like a balm to her aching form.

    “If you mention even for a second that I’m the reason you can’t touch me I swear I’ll skin you and put your pelt in our child’s room.”

    “I love you too baby,” he growled at her.

    “Why is this happening Dec?” Jen’s usually strong voice was laced with uncertainty and fear.

    “I don’t know love, but I’m going to fix it.”

    “Hurry,” was the last word she got out before all hell broke loose.

    Jacque screamed. She tried not to, but the hulking form coming at her was too much. Logan leered at her. It couldn’t be him; he was dead. Wasn’t he? But he was here, standing over her, smiling at her in a way that made her stomach crawl.

    “Get away from me.” She tried to sound stronger, but the pain that was stabbing her stomach kept her from breathing and her words came out as a whimper. “You’re dead, I know you’re dead. You shouldn’t be here.”