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    Fate and Fury(Grey Wolves #6) by Quinn Loftis

    Decebel grinned as his eyes began to glow. “Why, yes mate, yes I have.”

    Jen laughed. She took his face in her hands and all humor fled.

    “You live so that we can live, do you hear me?”

    Decebel nodded, and fell to his knees before her. He pressed his lips to her stomach, and then looked up at her.

    “I love you.”

    She ran her fingers through his thick hair. “And, I’m one lucky woman because of it.”

    She backed up from him and blew him a kiss. As she turned to go, she looked back over his shoulder and grinned at her still kneeling mate. “Oh by the way, I love you too.”

    Decebel winked at her as he stood up.

    “And, I am the luckiest man because of it,” he whispered to himself as he watched her walk back to the group of females.

    “When we get back, we are getting married,” Costin told Sally, as he held her close.

    Sally smiled. “You’ve been around Decebel too much, you’re getting bossy.”

    Costin laughed, “No, I’m getting desperate.”

    Sally pulled him down to kiss her. She pressed her body tight to his and drew strength from his confident hold.

    “I am yours, every square inch of me.”

    Costin raised a brow at her. “I’ll hold you to those words Sally mine.”

    “I love you, I want you, and I need you,” She told him, as her lips brushed against his.

    Costin closed his eyes and used the intimacy of their bond.

    “The time I’ve had with you has been the best in my sixty years. And, I want many more. You are precious to me. Please be careful out there.” Costin kissed her forehead and held his lips against her. “I love you. I want you more than you could possibly understand and I need you even more than that.”

    Sally let out a shaky breath as they stared into each other’s eyes. Finally, he pushed her back with a small grin. “Go do your thing gypsy lady.”

    Sally waved as she backed away. “See you soon lover boy.”

    Costin winked at her and she blushed.

    Fane pulled Jacque close to him as he pressed his lips to her neck where he had left his mark. She shivered under his touch. She was still worried about him as he continued to keep himself closed off.

    “I love you, Jacquelyn,” he told her, solemnly.

    Jacque looked up into his blue eyes. “Do you?” She asked, for the first time in their marriage and mating.

    Fane’s eyes filled with pain, as he felt the doubt inside her. He knew that it was his fault and he didn’t know how to fix it. He didn’t know how to show her just how broken and tormented he was over what she had been through while under Mona’s spell. He had tried to just rejoice in the fact that she was alive and healthy now, but he just kept seeing the things she had endured and because of that he had not let her into his mind, even when he had made love to her. Even then, he had felt her pain.

    “More than anything,” he told her.

    “Then what have I done that you keep yourself from me? Are you mad, because of what I did in the forest? Because I wouldn’t let you touch me, are you punishing me?” Her voice grew distressed as she tried to understand.

    Fane scowled. “I would never punish you for anything Luna. How could you think that?”

    “You won’t open the bond; you won’t share all of yourself with me. What am I supposed to think?”

    Fane kissed her fiercely as he ran his hands up her back to her hair. He released her and stepped back. “All you need to know right now, is that you are mine and I love you. We will talk after this is over. We will go into this battle safe in the knowledge that no matter what, we will always belong to each other, please believe that.”

    Jacque’s mouth dropped open, shocked that her Fane was acting like this. “I’m pissed at you Fane Lupei.”

    “I can live with that, as long as you don’t doubt that I love you, and I will never give you up.”

    Jacque stomped her foot as he turned and walked away from her.

    “Being a butthead?” Jen asked, as she came to stand next to her best friend.

    Jacque growled. “He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to kick his ass when this is over.”

    Jen snorted. “Decebel would be so turned on if I said that.”

    That brought a grin to Jacque’s face as Jen nudged her shoulder. “Come on Red, we have a witch’s britches to kick before you can start your foreplay with your wolf man.”

    “Did you just say witch’s britches?” Jacque asked, as they joined the group of females that Peri was currently talking to.

    Jen grinned. “There’s more where that came from.”

    “Of that, I have no doubt,” Jacque agreed.

    Peri pointed to Jen as she and Jacque walked up. “And, if you give me any jacked up act of heroics I will tan your pregnant hide.”

    “Dude, I just got here. How can you possibly be chastising me when I haven’t even opened my mouth?”

    “I have no doubt that you have said something, or fifty somethings, already this morning that deserve more than just chastising,” Peri pointed out.

    “Were you listening in at my bedroom door this morning Perizada?” Jen’s smirk told the group of females more than they wanted to know and they all groaned.

    “Listen up,” Peri snapped. “I’ve already told each of you exactly what your roles are as we go into this crap shoot. Do not deviate from the plan or I will zap your ass. Be aware of your position and your enemy’s position at all times. Mona will try to disorient you. Wolves use the superior senses the Great Luna gave you. Rachel and Sally follow my lead. Elle do your thing.”

    “What do I do?” Jen asked.

    “You are going guard the healers in your wolf form.”

    “I thought you just said no heroics.”

    “Since when do you do anything that anyone tells you?”

    “Good point,” Jen nodded.

    Peri looked over the women and saw that the males were shedding their clothes and phasing.

    “Okay, it’s go time. Sally, you will ride your male,” Peri paused as all their heads swung to look at Jen.


    Peri tilted her head at her. “Nothing?”

    “Okay, if you insist. Sally, if you need any pointers on how to hold on just let me know.”

    Sally’s face turned bright red as she heard Costin add in her mind. “No more waiting brown eyes, you have been ordered to ride me.”