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    Fate and Fury(Grey Wolves #6) by Quinn Loftis

    Sally felt renewed strength flow out of her and watched in awe, as a heart that was beyond repair, was healed, strong, and healthy once again. It pounded in the Alpha’s chest and pushed blood through his veins. His lungs drew in fresh air and filled the blood with oxygen. With every beat, life returned to Vasile.

    “He’s breathing,” Sally heard Peri say. She kept her eyes closed and felt strong arms pick her up.

    She was so tired. She just wanted to sleep, for a very long time.

    “Not too long Sally mine, you have a wedding to attend.” She heard the precious sound of her mate’s voice in her mind and took comfort in knowing he had her.

    “Always,” he whispered, against her ear.

    Chapter 23

    “Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. She picks out her wedding dress and the flowers. She imagines the music playing as she walks down the aisle to a faceless groom she has yet to meet. She pours her hopes and dreams into a day that may or may not come. My day has come. It is nothing like I dreamed. There is no music or flowers. There is no elaborate dress adorned in rows of beads. There is only me and my groom, who has an amazing face. No, it’s nothing like I dreamed; it’s better.”

    ~ Sally Miklos, Mate of Costin Miklos

    “What gifts have you brought to give your mate,” Vasile asked Costin as he and Sally stood before him. The only other people in the room were Decebel, Jen, Jacque, Fane, Peri, and Alina.

    It had been two weeks since Mona had been killed and the strange man had attempted to murder Vasile. Though Rachel and Sally had healed many of the wolves, there had still been casualties. The Alphas of the fallen wanted to bury their dead in their homelands. Vasile had declared a night of mourning and they all had shown their respects to the Alphas and the wolves that had given their lives.

    Dillon had stayed for two days after his pack had traveled back to the states. He spent this time with Jacque. He had even gone to Lilly and Cypher, wishing them a happy life together. Cypher had frowned the entire time while Jacque and her mom had tried to keep from laughing.

    Lilly was with Cypher, who had a very long recovery ahead of him. Vasile had granted him protection if he wished to stay and recuperate in the mansion.

    So, now they stood in the small indoor garden in the mansion, bathed in moonlight. Sally wore a simple white dress with lace sleeves that showed her skin beneath. The back was low, but her hair covered it completely, much to Costin’s relief. Costin was in his customary jeans, but he was wearing a white dress shirt at least, though it was un-tucked. Neither of them wore shoes, because of the customary washing of feet during the ceremony. Much to Sally’s embarrassment, Costin had washed not only her feet, but her calves all the way to the tops of her knees and probably only stopped there because she had swatted him with the towel. He had kissed down her legs to her feet and Sally was giggling like a school girl by, the time he was done.

    Decebel had rolled his eyes and said loud enough for everyone to hear “We’ll be lucky if they make it to their bedroom.” This only caused Sally to blush even more.

    “The three gifts I have brought for my beloved,” Costin smiled as he held out a box wrapped in shimmering silver paper. Sally took it and unwrapped it slowly. Costin took a step closer to her and watched as she opened the box. Inside were three items. The first was an ancient looking book bearing no title.

    “Peri and I did some digging into the history of the gypsies and, with Wadim’s help, we found your lineage. That book,” he motioned to it, “is the story of your ancestors.” Sally’s mouth dropped open as she stared at the book. So many questions of how she came to be a gypsy healer, and the answers might lie right before her, because of him. “Thank you,” she told him, but knew that she could never express her gratitude in a way that was worthy.

    “Oh, yes you can brown eyes,” He winked at her. Sally laughed as she looked back in the box.

    There were two other items. The second was another book. This one was leather bound and when she flipped it, open she saw that the pages were blank. She looked up at him. “It’s blank.”

    “It will be our story, our history. You and I together, will fill the pages with the legacy that we bring to our people. One day our children will read it and see what amazing things we experienced, trials we overcame, and most importantly, the love their parents had for one another, a love that nothing and no one can come between.”

    Tears streamed down Sally’s face as she held the book to her chest. It was the most touching, thoughtful gift anyone had ever given her.

    “And, the third gift,” Costin said as he reached into the box and pulled out a much smaller box. He opened it and held it out for Sally. She gasped and nearly dropped the journal. In the box lay a locket. A locket that she knew had been in her family for generations. She’d seen her mom wearing it before. Now, that she stared at it, the piece of jewelry took on a whole new meaning. Strange symbols adorned the outside of the locket, symbols that she had often wondered about in the past. Sally, now understood, that the markings were gypsy runes. She pulled it out and opened it and there inside was a picture of Costin and Sally. She looked up at him. “How did you get this?”

    Costin grinned and that wicked dimple flashed. “Your mother likes me.”

    Sally’s eyes widened. “You told my mom we were getting married?”

    Costin's smile widened, “Sure. I just didn’t say when.”

    Sally made a sound that was half groan, half sigh of relief. Costin took the locket and walked around her. She started to move her hair, but the growl from Costin made her freeze. He positioned her so that her back wasn’t visible to any one and then moved her hair over her shoulder. He wrapped the locket around her neck and clasped the ends. Before he pulled her hair back over her shoulder he ran his finger lightly down her spine and chuckled when she shivered.

    Vasile cleared his throat and brought their attention back to him.

    “Costin has informed me that he wishes to say his vows in private,” he said to the audience.

    Costin nodded.

    “Okay, then I will simply ask, do you take Sally to be your wife.”

    Costin smiled. “Definitely.”

    “Sally, do you take Costin to be your husband?”

    Sally shook her head, and then laughed at Costin’s frown.

    “Yes,” she finally said, “yes, definitely.”