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    Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3) by Quinn Loftis

    Damion wiped the blood from his lip, his eyes now glowing an eerie green.

    Sorin stood in between the wolves, his hands held out between them as if to hold them off.

    Decebel growled when Damion continued to meet his eyes. Damion finally relented and dropped his eyes.

    Jen muttered, "Good grief."

    "Charlie Brown," Sally finished.

    Decebel's eyes fell on Jen, which made her squirm, only she didn't know why because she hadn't done anything wrong. Jen continued to meet his stare and the longer she held it the angrier she got. Finally she stood up, causing Jacque and Sally to scramble to their feet, not wanting to be the only ones on the floor. Fane walked over to Jacque and took her hand.

    "We need to go," he told her gently.

    "Do you think it wise to leave just now?" Jacque asked through their bond.

    "Most definitely," Fane answered as he tugged her towards the door.

    When no one else made to follow Fane and Jacque, Decebel growled, "Everyone out!"

    Suddenly everyone was in motion. Jen grinned to herself as she began to head to the door with everyone else. She heard Crina chuckle behind her, obviously having caught on to what she was trying to do.

    "JENNIFER." Decebel's voice wrapped around her, pulling her to a halt.

    Damn Beta, she thought.

    "Good try," Crina whispered as she squeezed past Jen.

    "Scream real loud if you need to be rescued," Mariana told her, then winked. "We'll send someone."

    "Yeah, thanks for that, wolf-girl."

    The door clicked shut, leaving Jen alone with one very large, very angry wolf.

    She turned around slowly and made her way towards the window, almost casually.

    "So, how are you liking the weather?" she asked as if he hadn't just nearly torn a man in half.

    "What part of 'don't touch another male' didn't make it through that thick skull, Jennifer?" Decebel's voice was deep and low.

    Oh, hell no, Jen thought. He did not just imply what I think he did. She whipped around and pinned him with ice blue eyes. "You know what, Decebel? I think this whole thing," she motioned between them, "is a conflict of interest. Yeah, the more I think about it the more I think it's detrimental to your health for you to be on my security detail."

    "A conflict of interest?" he repeated sarcastically.

    "Exactly. Your interest in me has caused your good sense to become conflicted, or impaired, actually. Wait, I'll do you one better than that – your good sense has kissed your ass goodbye on its way out the door, waving and smiling with well wishes."

    Decebel stood dumbfounded at the anger in her voice. Why is she angry? he wondered. He was the one who had found her in another wolf's lap. Oh, that was not a good thing for him to dwell on. He felt his canines trying to lengthen and took a deep breath, pulling his wolf back.

    "All I know is we are apart for five minutes and you're cuddled up next to some pup."

    "Cu-cud- cuddled," Jen was so angry that she couldn't even get her words out. "If you would open your freaky glowing eyes and quit jumping to conclusions, you would have seen that I wasn't cuddled in his lap. I fell off the bed and landed next to him. You barging in surprised me and I lost my balance, that's when I ended up in his lap."

    "He's interested in you," Decebel bit out.

    "Of course he's interested in me, flea bag. There is all kinds of interest to be had up in here." Jen couldn't help but goad him on, it was just too stinking easy. She could almost see steam rising from his head at her words.

    "You aren't helping, you know."

    "You didn't ask for my help, B. You barged in here thinking the worst of me and then acted like a barbarian. Then you accused me of purposely throwing myself at some guy I don't even bloody know." Jen was to the point that she just really wanted Decebel out of her room. Her emotions were raw. She had been having fun, laughing and, sure, flirting a little. But much to her chagrin, no matter how hot Damion and Adrian were – who, by the way, were mega hot – she wasn't interested. Then Decebel has to come in and be all, well, all Decebel.

    "Look, we need to take five, okay? Go get a Kit Kat and give me a break."

    Decebel cocked his head to the side, obviously not understanding her reference.

    She shook her head. "Never mind, just leave. Is that clearer for you?"

    "You want me to go?" Decebel took a step back, obviously caught off guard by her statement.

    Yeah, well, that's what you get for being something that rhymes with stick, Jen thought angrily. "Can you not get that through your thick skull?" She threw his words back in his face.

    Decebel felt like she had slapped him, and realized how his words must have made her feel.

    "Jennifer..." He took a step towards her, his voice much gentler.

    Jen held her hand up to hold him off. "Save it. I'm not ready to hear how you didn't mean to hurt me and blah blah, boo hoo. Okay? I just want to chill out before this thing tonight."

    Jen walked to the door, pulled it open, and waited.

    Decebel stood there for a moment, still completely shocked that she was kicking him out. Finally he shook his head and made to leave. As he walked through the door he heard her mutter, "It'd be nice if you could try not to pee around my door." Then she slammed it shut. Decebel heard the lock click in place.

    Jen leaned her back against the door and slid to the floor. She drew her knees up and looked around the room. It was very elegantly done in candlelight and sage. It had a calming effect – well, when there wasn't a raging werewolf standing in the middle of it.

    She closed her eyes as she leaned her head back. "Well, this has started out splendidly. Fall in one little lap and all goes to hell in a hand basket" she said to no one.

    Jen jumped when there was a knock at her door. She rolled her eyes and growled, "Go away, fur ball. I told you I'm done."

    "Jen, it's Cynthia. I think we need to talk."

    Jen's eyes popped open and she stood up. "I think you read my mind."

    Chapter 13

    Thad answered the knock on his suite door and wasn't surprised to see his contact on the other side.

    "You have news for me?"

    "Can I please come in? I'd rather not be seen in the hall."

    Thad stepped back so she could enter.