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    Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3) by Quinn Loftis

    The tall she-wolf made her way to the front and Jen noticed how graceful she was as she walked, so feminine. She was very pretty with long, dark chocolate hair, thin lips, and big brown eyes.

    Jen realized she was able to see Adrianna way too well for the distance at which she was sitting. This is getting weirder and weirder, she thought. Going to have to have another chat with Cynthia.

    "Tonight will be one of three nights that we meet as a complete group. On the other nights, each pack will have its own meal in a designated location. If you are so blessed and meet your true mate and want to have a dinner alone, you may request one via the drop box at the entrance to this room. Simply write your request, the time you wish to eat, and where. It will be arranged.

    Now, your Alphas have each been given an itinerary with your specific schedule on it. Please follow the schedule. We have arranged it so that every female and male will have a chance to meet in one of the group settings. If this seems a little too planned for you, I will tell you there is a method to our madness. You see, an idle, unmated male werewolf is a potential problem. So we have attempted to avoid the problem altogether by ensuring there is something for you all to do at all times. If you are not having a group activity then you will be with your pack.

    Tonight's festivities are simple – we will dine together as one big family. Then the room will be cleared for dancing and mingling.

    Those are all the announcements for now, so without further adieu, dinner is served." As she announced dinner, women and men carrying trays of food were suddenly bustling about the room, setting down dishes and drinks on tables.

    Jen looked over at Sally. "I'm having serious Hogwarts deja vu."

    "I'm so with you."

    The room settled down into quiet murmurs as people began filling their plates with food. As Jen reached for the salad bowl at the same time Decebel did, their hands touched. Jen jerked hers away so fast that she dropped the bowl. Thanks to werewolf reflexes, Decebel caught it before it spilled all over the table. Jen never even looked his direction. She was angry. So angry, in fact, that she didn't understand why she was sitting next to him.

    She looked at Sally and waited until she caught her eye. Then she motioned between them with a small hand movement. Sally knew Jen very well and understood instantly what she wanted.

    Sally nodded “okay,” because she also knew that Jen was a major hothead. She might do something she would regret if she continued to sit next to Decebel while obviously angry with him.

    Jen stood up and grabbed her plate. Decebel started to say something, but Alina once again stepped in. She placed a hand on Decebel, drawing his attention, and simply shook her head. Decebel growled but let Jen pass without engaging her.

    Sally stood as well and walked around, swapping chairs with Jen.

    "So, how does everyone like their rooms?" Jacque asked, trying to smooth over the tense moment.

    "Our room's great. Isn't it, Mariana?" Crina piped in.

    Mariana nodded and swallowed the bite she had just taken before she answered, "Oh, definitely great."

    "Excellent," Jacque said awkwardly.

    The rest of the meal was carried out in near silence with only minute amounts of small talk here and there. When the plates were cleared from the tables they were all directed to stand on the edges of the room while most of the tables were folded up and removed with most of the chairs.

    Jacque grabbed Fane's hand and looked at Jen and Sally. "I've got to run over and say hi to Dillon and meet his mate."

    "You want us to come?" Jen asked.

    Jacque shook her head. "No, I got this." This was something she needed to do on her own…well, on her own with Fane.

    She found them in the same corner they had occupied earlier, standing and watching just as the Romanian pack had been.

    "Hey, Jacque." Dillon's face brightened as he pulled her into an awkward hug.

    "Hi, um, Dad," Jacque fumbled.

    Jacque's hand tightened on Fane's as Dillon pulled his mate over to his side.

    "Easy, love. You don’t have to be besties," Fane soothed through their bond.

    "Did you just say besties?" she asked incredulously.

    "Luna, I'm surrounded by three teenage girls. What do you really expect?"

    "Huh, guess I shouldn't be surprised." She shrugged inwardly.

    Fane chuckled.

    Jacque brought her attention back to her father and his mate when Dillon introduced Tanya.

    "Jacque, this is Tanya Jacobs, my mate and Luna of our pack."

    Jacque smiled with what she hoped was a friendly smile. "It's nice to meet you, Tanya."

    Tanya's smile was warm and genuine. "Dillon has told me a lot about you,"

    "Don't believe everything, it's not nearly as bad as it sounds," Jacque joked.

    They all laughed, albeit a bit nervously.

    "Well, it looks like they're going to have some dancing so we won't keep you, but I hope that we can get to know one another," Tanya told her.

    "That sounds nice," Jacque said truthfully. "I'm sure we can have lunch or something."

    "Great," Tanya responded with another warm smile.

    Jacque and Fane headed back to where their pack waited.

    "Well, that wasn't as bad as you thought, was it?" Fane asked as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close.

    "She was nicer than I expected," she admitted.

    "You want me there when you have lunch with her?"

    Jacque grinned up at him. "Always my protector."

    Fane's face grew serious. "Always, love."

    Once the room had been arranged so that there was room to dance, they watched as a new table was rolled in with stereo equipment on it.

    "We're fixing to jam." Crina smiled.

    "What exactly do you think they are going to let us jam to?" Sally asked.

    Jen caught Costin's eye and waved him over. She wasn't taking chances with the music. "Hey, see if they will let you provide the music," she told him.

    "I didn't bring any music, Jen."

    Jen held up her iPhone, shaking it from side to side. "Gotcha covered, my furry friend."

    Costin winced at the nickname, but smiled as he took her phone. "I'll hook us up." They both laughed at him using the slang she had taught them earlier that day, when all hell broke loose. Who knew teaching slang to foreign werewolves could be detrimental to your health? Jen shrugged to herself.