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    Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3) by Quinn Loftis

    "Hey, I wanted to let you know that I scoped the outside parameter of the mansion, and even found a wheelbarrow in one of the work buildings." He grinned. "I found kerosene as well. We're going to light up the night, little dormant."

    Jen laughed, "Man, when you go in, you go all in, don't you?"

    "I figure I'm probably going to die for helping you girls out, might as well go out with a bang."

    "A wolf after my own heart," she teased. "Thanks, Costin. Really. Decebel is going to be mad."

    "Understatement," Costin added quickly.

    "Of the millennium," she agreed. "But whether he's my mate or not, I don't take crap from anyone. I defend myself and those I love when I can. He'll throw a major hissy fit and beat his chest, but eventually he will understand why I had to do this."

    His face was serious, his voice thick with emotion. "He's blessed to have such a mate, and Alpha in every sense of the word."

    Jen grinned and winked. "Bet your hot, furry ass I am."

    Costin chuckled as he shut the door.

    Jacque opened the door to her and Fane's room to find him lying across their bed, reading.

    "You've been quiet today," he said, referring to their bond.

    Jacque hated the idea of lying to Fane, even if it was a lie of omission.

    "Just been with Jen and the girls. You know she's mentally exhausting. I missed you." Jacque climbed onto the bed and stretched out next to him. Hoping to distract him, she coyly added, "In more than one way."

    Fane chuckled. "You won't get off the hook that easy, Luna."

    Jacque nuzzled his neck as he continued to look at his book. Her hands began rubbing his back, moving up to his neck, then running through his thick dark hair.

    Fane let out a deep rumble in his chest.

    "Jacquelyn," he warned.

    "Yes, mate?" she asked innocently.

    Fane shut the book with a snap and set it aside. He rolled onto his side, propping himself up on one arm, effectively evading her roaming hands. Jacque frowned at him.

    "I will admit that I am new to relationships, and obviously new to being mated. However, I've seen enough American television to understand that women think they can distract a man with sex when they are trying to avoid something."

    Jacque knew her face was turning red because she could feel the heat creeping up her neck.

    "So, as I spent most of the day in a semi-state of shock from the direction your thoughts have been going, which is normally not something you are super comfortable with, I came to the conclusion that you must not want me to know something." Fane narrowed his eyes. He wasn't angry, but he was slightly annoyed. "Is my assessment of the situation accurate, Jacquelyn?"

    Jacque groaned and rolled onto her back, throwing her arm across her eyes.

    "Luna, what's going on?" Fane asked matter of factly.

    She took a deep breath and let it out. "I can't tell you."

    He growled."We are keeping secrets so soon?"

    Jacque's head whipped over to look at him. He saw the gleam in her emerald eyes and knew he had succeeded in ticking her off.

    "It's not really my secret to tell, Fane. I'm not trying to be sneaky." Okay, that wasn’t absolutely true. But still, she thought. "I promised not to tell you."

    Fane held her stare, frustrated, but also understanding of the fact that she didn't want to break her promise. He admired that quality.

    "Luna, I've let you -" He stopped and closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I mean, I've been willing to have you spend the majority of your time with your friends, while we've been here. Mainly because I know that I get you at night." Jacque blushed. "I understand that Jen needs you. I understand that they are very important to you. But just as my family and friends no longer come first in my life, yours do not in your life either." He reached across the space between them, hating the distance. He ran his fingers across her cheek, down her neck, shoulder, and arm, landing on her hip. He pulled her to him. "I don't mean for that to sound mean, or bossy, but your safety comes first. Jen has a tendency to throw safety out the window, along with her sense of survival."

    Jacque grinned at his words, but she knew that although he was teasing, he was also telling the truth.

    "I love you. I hate keeping something from you, but I need you to trust me." Jacque winced inwardly at her words, knowing she was asking him to give the trust she did not deserve at the moment.

    Fane brought his hand up to the nape of her neck and pulled her face to his. He pressed his lips firmly against hers and loved that she moaned and relaxed against him. He loved that he had that effect on her. He nearly growled when he felt her tongue sweep out, seeking entrance. He opened his mouth, deepening the kiss, and listened as her heart sped up – music to his ears.

    He slowed the kiss down and finally pulled away. He grazed her thoroughly loved lips with his thumb and chuckled when she nipped it. His breath caught when he saw that her canines, which only made an appearance at certain times, had descended. His eyes began to glow in reciprocation.

    Fane watched in fascination as Jacque flicked her tongue against one of the sharp canines and grinned wickedly at him.

    He was ready for the conversation to be finished, at least for the night. "I will trust you, love. But if something happens to you because of this secret -"

    "Shhh," Jacque cut him off as she nipped his bottom lip gently. Fane growled and pulled her impossibly closer.

    "Are you hungry, mate, or just happy to see me?" he teased, in regards to her canines making an appearance.

    "It's been a while since I've had your blood," she said in response to his jest.

    Fane's face sobered. "You know you don't even have to ask."

    "I know." She had dropped her eyes from his and was fidgeting with his shirt collar. "It's just...embarrassing."

    Fane let out a loud laugh, throwing his head back.

    Jacque looked at him, her eyes narrowed and mouth tight. "Why are you laughing at me?"

    Fane's laugh finally wound down. He tugged at her ponytail to pull her hair free. He ran his fingers through it and continued to grin at her. "After the thoughts you were sending me today, you little vixen, I don't see how anything can embarrass you."