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    Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3) by Quinn Loftis

    Jen txt: No yelling?

    Decebel txt: r u ok?

    Jen txt: physically yes

    Decebel txt: did anyone touch u 2day?

    Jen txt: no

    Decebel txt: no yelling

    Jen txt: I'm sorry 4 not responding

    Decebel txt: I understand why

    Decebel txt: doesn't mean I like it

    Jen txt: I worried u

    Decebel txt: yes

    Jen txt: I shouldn't have

    Decebel txt: I'm not mad Jennifer

    Jen txt: thank you

    Decebel txt: I miss u. I feel empty

    Jen txt: me 2

    Decebel txt: I will see u 2moro nite

    Jen shot straight up at the words on her screen. He was getting out? Tomorrow night? "Not good," she muttered. Okay, she was going to have to get Costin to intercept and stall him somehow. She snorted. "Yeah, that'll go over real well."

    Jen txt: ur get n out ;)

    Decebel txt: Vasile is talking with the other As, explaining our situation

    Jen txt: that's good

    Decebel txt: r u happy?

    Jen txt: of course! I have no 1 to growl at me w/u gone :)

    Decebel txt: It's late

    Jen txt: is that ur way of telln me 2 sleep w/out b n bossy?

    Decebel txt: it's my job to take care of u Jennifer

    Jen txt: hey B, it's late and I'm tired, think I'll call it a nite

    Decebel txt: lol, that's my girl

    Jen txt: miss u, nite xoxo

    Decebel txt: miss u more, nite baby xoxo

    Jen set her phone on the bedside table and snuggled back into the covers. She was exhausted, but rest would elude her because now she had to figure out how she was going to keep Decebel from finding out about her plan. She knew that after it was said and done he would be angry, but her motto had always been “it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.”

    Looked like that motto was finally going to bite her in the butt.

    Decebel lay back on the bed in his temporary prison and thought about Jennifer's response to his release tomorrow. He'd expected a little more than “that's good” and since he didn't doubt her feelings for him, that only left one other explanation. She was up to something. He smiled to himself. His mate was going to keep him on his toes, no boring life for him. Oddly enough he looked forward to the havoc she was sure to wreak.

    Decebel closed his eyes and chuckled to himself. Now, only to get out tomorrow and stop whatever plan she and her cohorts were implementing without killing some innocent – or not so innocent – males.

    "How is Decebel doing?" Alina asked her mate as she curled up next to him in their bed, her head on his chest.

    Vasile stroked her long dark hair gently. Even after centuries there was still nothing better than his mate in his arms, her scent surrounding him.

    "He seems to be a little better since he can communicate with Jen."

    Alina laughed. "I can't see Decebel texting like some enamored teenager."

    Vasile smiled and chuckled with her. "I've no doubt she is his mate and like all of us males is utterly lost without her."

    "So you admit that you would be lost without me," she teased.

    "Mina, ma vad (see me)," he whispered.

    Alina leaned back so she could look into his eyes, a privilege few had.

    "Eu sint nimic fara tine (I am nothing without you). Fara tine nimic in viata aceasta ar insemna nimic (Without you, nothing in this life would mean anything)." Vasile pulled her up so that he could place both hands on either side of her face. Gently, he stroked her cheeks and loved the way her skin flushed under his gaze.

    "Without you, Alina, colors would not be as bright, fragrances would not be as sweet, and food would be bitter ash in my mouth. For two centuries you have been by my side. Not behind me, but by my side, as my equal. During these two centuries I don’t know if I have ever truly expressed to you what you are to me, what you mean to me."

    Vasile wiped the tears that had escaped from her eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her softly, then pulled back just enough so that when he spoke his lips brushed hers. "If Jacque and Jen are even half the woman you are, Fane and Decebel will be blessed beyond all measure. So never, ever doubt that without you I would wander through this world in darkness and hopelessness. I would be a shell of a man, unable to lead, unable to care for my pack. I love you, Alina mine."

    They sat quietly, forehead to forehead, lips barely touching. Breathing in each other's air, literally being life to the other. When they finally turned out the light, wrapped in each other's arms, Alina whispered into the darkness the words she had spoken during their long ago Bonding ceremony.

    "Sufletul meu pentru dumneavoastra, inima mea pentru dumneavoastra, viata mea pentru dumneavoastra (My soul for yours, my heart for yours, my life for yours)."

    "Always, Mina,” Vasile whispered into her mind.

    Chapter 26

    "Look alive, people." Jen clapped her hands as she walked into the small room she had requested, via text, they all meet her in.

    "What's going on, Queen o' drama?" Sally asked.

    "Decebel texted me last night. I'll spare you the sappy details, but -"

    "That's a first," Jacque muttered.

    Jen made a hand motion like a mouth closing and shushed Jacque.

    "What I will share is that he said he's getting out tonight."

    Mutterings rippled across the room: "Crap." "Great." "Perfect."

    "I knew this would happen," Costin growled. "Do you know what he's going to do to me when he finds out I helped you, Jen?"

    "I have a fairly good idea. But we aren't going to freak out like a bunch of amateurs."

    "But we are amateurs, you -" Before Jacque could finish, Jen interrupted.

    "Uh-uh, no need for name calling."

    "Puulease, I know you've called me much worse." She rolled her eyes.

    "Jacque dear, that's the past. This is the now, and right now we need to figure out how we are going to keep the big bad wolf from finding out about the three little pigs' scheme."

    "Did you just refer to us as the three little pigs?" Sally asked incredulously.

    "Oh, good grief. Fine. Three little, hot as hell, give Ms. Piggy a run for her money, pigs. Better?" Jen batted her eyes.

    "You're in rare form, Jennifer Adams."

    "Okay, so what I'm thinking," Jen continued, "is that Costin or Cynthia will have to be the ones to be on the lookout for Dec because y'all will be able to smell him before you ever see him."