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    Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3) by Quinn Loftis

    Decebel pressed her more firmly into the mattress and she felt his hand on her calf. Slowly he ran his hand up to the back of her thigh, pulling her body closer until his hand cupped her bottom.

    Jennifer groaned at the feel of his hand on her, not that she'd never had a guy put their hand on her butt, but this felt different. So much more intimate and possessive. Decebel trailed kisses from her cheeks, down her neck, up to her collarbone as Jen tried to catch her breath.

    When he nipped her she gasped. The sound pushed through the fog of desire that had clouded Decebel's mind. He pulled back and looked into her eyes, gently caressing her face with his fingertips.

    "We should stop," he whispered as he traced her red, moist lips in a trance-like state.

    "Uh-uh," Jen muttered.

    "Jennifer," Decebel growled. "Tell me to stop."

    Jen closed her eyes in order to escape his soul-searing amber gaze. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

    Clearing her throat, she was finally able to speak. "Decebel, I want you to stop." She opened one eye to peek at him. "How was that?"

    A smile threatened to cross his face. "Almost convincing."

    A thought hit Jen's mind as she considered what he was asking her to stop him from doing.

    "Are you a virgin?"

    Decebel shook his head and chuckled. "You're quite blunt, aren't you?"

    Jen cocked an eyebrow at him.

    "Jennifer, I'm 125 years old," he told her, as if that explained it all.

    "That's not an answer," she growled. Then another thought hit her. "Should I be creeped out that you are so old?"

    "If you want to break it down to a science, Canis lupis actually age one year to a human's six. I'm more like twenty in 'your years,' in a sense. If anyone should be creeped out it should be Jacque. Fane is only three."

    That made Jen laugh. "Oh, that is just too rich. Definitely going to have to hold that one over her head." Then she got serious. "Okay, so twenty I can handle. Now, Captain Evader, answer the first question."


    Jen looked taken aback. "No. You are refusing to answer?"

    Decebel growled. "No, the answer to the question is no."

    Jen just stared at him, not really sure how to respond. She knew she shouldn't be shocked, but she couldn’t keep from feeling the hurt that flashed across her heart at his answer.

    "Are you okay?" Decebel asked gently.

    "When was the last time?" she asked him quietly

    Decebel groaned. "Do you really want to do this?"

    "When, Decebel?"

    He tilted her head back up to look at him when she tried to shy away.

    "It's been five years."

    Jen's mouth fell open. “Oh.” Her eyes moved to the ceiling.

    Decebel caressed her cheek softly. “Are you okay?”

    After a moment, she sucked a breath in through her teeth. “Well, I never thought I'd date such a loser... Five years?” Her eyes met his now, her mouth pulled up into a mocking smile. “I really overestimated your sexiness.”

    He rolled off of her and threw an arm over his face. “You are exasperating, woman.”

    “That's what you like about me.”

    Decebel grumbled noncommittally.

    "So...does that mean you aren't mad at me anymore?" Jen asked hopefully.

    He lifted his lip in a snarl, and she could see his canines were still descended.

    "I'll take that as a 'not a chance in hell.' Good to know."

    Then, randomly: "Did Matty," Decebel snarled the name, "touch you?"

    She laughed. "You're seriously still hung up on that?"

    When he didn't answer, she huffed and rolled her eyes. "We kissed, but that's it. And I only did it to keep him occupied so Sally could make a break for it."

    Decebel took her by surprise when he was over her once more, his mouth covering hers.

    Suddenly, the door to Jen's room flew open, and Decebel rolled off of Jen with a howl of pain and rage.

    Jen sat up and saw a very panicked looking Costin in her doorway. She felt a sharp tug inside her, almost like a pulled ligament, but she wasn't in near the pain that Costin and Decebel obviously were.

    Decebel snarled as he forced himself to his feet.

    "What's happened to him?" he gritted through his teeth.

    Costin shook his head, visibly fighting through his own pain. "He collapsed at the dinner he's having with the other Alphas. Alina fell next to him." The wolf's eyes were becoming wilder the more he talked.

    Decebel grabbed Jen's hand and headed towards Costin.

    "Where's Fane?"

    "He's on his way with Jacque to the suite..." he gasped “...where the dinner is,” Costin explained as they headed towards the stairs.

    Jen stopped when two doors opened and Crina, Marianna, and Sally came into the hall.

    Crina and Marianna were doubled over in pain.

    Decebel snarled again, catching himself on the stair railing. Jen let go of his hand and ran over to help the girls.

    "What's happened?" Crina cringed.

    "Vasile has fallen," Decebel told them, still struggling in pain. "Jennifer, you and the other females need to get in a room and lock the door."

    Jen looked him in the eye. "No, I'm going with you. We all are going with you." When he started to interrupt, she cut him off. "Sally might be able to help."

    Decebel narrowed his eyes. "How?"

    "She's a gypsy healer. She can heal werewolves."

    Costin and Decebel's heads both snapped around to look at Sally, their mouths dropped open. Sally looked as if she wanted to crawl into a hole.

    "How do you know this?" Decebel asked.

    Sally started with, “It hasn't been conf -” but Jen spoke over her.

    "She identified the herb that keeps wolves from phasing without looking it up. She just knew it. Cynthia said that's only a gift gypsy healers have and that there hasn't been one in a pack in over a century."

    Decebel couldn't believe what he was hearing. What were the odds that a half blood, a dormant, and a gypsy healer would end up best friends and all in the same pack? The fates really had their hands in the Romanian Pack.

    "Fine, let's go,” he conceded. “But I don't want you out of my sight."