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    Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3) by Quinn Loftis

    Chapter 30

    Sally finally spotted the purple flower herb. She ran, her flashlight bobbing over the ground. She fell down next to the plant and began digging to pull the plant up by the root. She didn't know how she knew, but she knew it had to have the root attached in order for the antidote to be potent.

    She dug and dug, her nails caked with dirt, and finally pulled up several plants. She tucked them into her shirt and began to run again. Faster and faster she pushed herself, the urgency for her to return riding her like a pack of angry wolves.

    Sally didn't give thought to Marianna or Jen, she figured they were big girls and could make it back on their own. She finally spotted the estate's massive gated entrance. As she hurried through the gate and rushed up the steps to the front door, she nearly ran into Cynthia.

    "Umph," Sally grunted as she forced herself to stop. She looked up at the doctor. "Is he still alive?"

    "Yes, but only just," Cynthia told her darkly. "I want us to do this in my office. I don't want to tell anyone what we're doing, and when we go up to give him the antidote we will tell no one that we have it."

    "Do you know who poisoned him?" Sally asked as her eyes grew wider.

    "No, but it had to be somebody in that little dinner party. I will try to get Fane and Decebel to clear the room, but both of them are very volatile right now." Cynthia cocked her head to the side. "Decebel especially so since he just realized his mate was missing."

    Sally looked sheepishly at the ground. "She's out with Marianna looking for Wolfsbane."

    Cynthia nodded once and echoed Sally's thoughts, "Well, they're big girls. They'll make it back. Now, let's you and I get this antidote made."

    Cynthia pulled Sally into the mansion and they hurried to her office.

    Sally laid the plants out and told Cynthia to get her a container with warm water and some small vials.

    Cynthia set the items on the lab table in front of Sally.

    "This is so freaky," Sally muttered.

    "What is?"

    "Me knowing what I should do. It's like someone just turned on a switch."

    Sally worked quickly, removing the leaves and soaking them in the warm water. She filled the container until all that could be seen were floating, dusky leaves. As soon as the water was room temperature, she knew it was ready. She took the two vials and filled them.

    Something clicked as she held the vials in her hands. Sally closed her eyes and felt the magic – that's all she could possibly call it – flow through her as she called upon the healing properties of the plant. Her mouth began to move as she spoke the words that appeared in her mind.

    "You are named the bane of the wolf when you actually heal.

    I call to you this day to seek out the poison meant to steal.

    Penetrate the wolf and pour life back into him all.

    Give strength to my Alpha, don't let him fall."

    Sally opened her eyes and a single tear slid into one of the vials. Suddenly the liquid began to glow pure white.

    "It is done," Sally told Cynthia resolutely.

    Cynthia nodded. She pulled out her cell and sent a text to Decebel.

    Cynthia txt: On our way

    "Let's go."

    Decebel paced, his wolf was worried and hurt. Their Alpha was close to death. His Alpha's mate was close to death. And Decebel's mate had taken off without so much as a “bye, fur ball.”

    Cynthia had just texted him that she and Sally were coming up with the antidote. Now they just had to pray that it worked, that Sally really was a healer – though it seemed that she was. He asked for everyone to leave except for pack members, and the others stepped into the room where only hours ago the Alphas had laughed and toasted their packs.

    Decebel continued to stare down the wolves through the open door, his wolf seeking out the one who would dare to hurt Vasile, but his mind was a mess, clouded with too many feelings. He would be calmer once Jennifer returned. Once she was by his side, he would sniff out the traitor.

    Fane pulled Jacquelyn into his lap and wrapped his arms around her, trying to control her shaking. She was in shock – as was he.

    "Who would do this, Fane?"

    "I don't know, love. My father is very powerful, and with power comes enemies. I just didn't think there were any among us."

    Jacque left Fane and walked to the bed, climbing up next to Alina. She took her hand and held it to her heart. Tears down her cheeks as she watched the woman she had come to think of as a mother struggle for every breath.

    "She's the sweetest woman I've ever met, Fane. So selfless and loving.” Jacque couldn't stop the sob that forced its way from her chest. She leaned down over Alina and prayed for her to be spared, for them both to be spared.

    Fane slid his arms around her. A single tear escaped down his cheek, for his parents and for his mate. So many deaths in the past months, so many lives wasted. And now more would be taken. Either his parents' or the one guilty of attempted murder.

    Sally and Cynthia entered the room and Decebel closed the door behind them, shutting out the others. Sally walked quietly to the bed and climbed up next to her Alpha, for as his pack healer, he truly was her Alpha. Tears threatened to spill over as she thought about how she'd felt the poison in his system when pressing her hand to him earlier. It was slow, seeping into his cells, killing, destroying.

    She pulled the vials from her pocket and tuned the room out as she unscrewed the lids. Placing a hand behind Vasile's head, she leaned forward and pressed the vial to his lips. Just as before, the words she needed to say flowed through her mind and out her mouth. She whispered close to his ear as she held the vial to his mouth, waiting to pour until his lips parted.

    "Alpha mine, hear my voice. I am Sally, gypsy healer to the Romanian pack. I call on your wolf. Come forward and take care of the man who houses your spirit and protects your pack. Come forth, Alpha wolf, and trust that what I give you is to heal and not to harm."

    Sally watched as Vasile's lips parted, and she was able to tip the antidote into his mouth. She quickly poured the second vial and watched him swallow, close his mouth, and become still again.

    Once again, she leaned forward and placed her forehead to his. She closed her eyes and slowed her breathing. She felt the wolf stirring beneath the man, hurting, afraid and angry. He feared for his mate, unable to feel her.

    Sally whispered into his mind. She is here beside you, Alpha. No harm will come to her if you will fight. Fight the poison, let the healing liquid move throughout your body. If you are healed, she will be.