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    Out Of The Dark(Grey Wolves #4) by Quinn Loftis

    The room erupted in much needed laughter.

    Sally fist bumped Jacque. "Score."

    Vasile growled at the two girls, but softened it with a wink. "I suppose I prefer V."

    Jacque gave him a nod. "Good choice."

    "Thank you, Luna," Fane whispered in her mind.

    "For what?"

    "Bringing laughter. There will be little joy in the coming days and we must grab it when it comes. You gave us a gift." He was absently tracing the markings underneath her red curls.

    "Thanks, wolf-man. But you're not out of the doghouse yet. Don't think your sweet words will sway me."

    Fane chuckled. "I can think of several things that could sway you."

    Fane sent her images to punctuate his words. Jacque gasped and slapped his chest.

    "Fane, quit flirting with your mate. Pay attention," Vasile growled, though he was trying not to laugh.

    Decebel watched from across the semi-circle. The easy way in which Fane and his mate interacted, the obvious love and affection they shared... I had that, he thought.

    How could I forget having that? Did she tease me? Did I look at her in adoration as Fane does at Jacque?

    Decebel's mind wandered. He puzzled through the idea that if he did indeed have a mate, he'd more than just forgotten her—her face, the color of her eyes or hair. He hadn't just forgotten the feel of her skin or the feel of her body against his. He had forgotten all that they had shared. He felt a sharp pain rip through his chest. Did I hold her? Kiss her? He closed his eyes, squeezing them tight, trying so hard to find something, anything that would confirm that she did exist. Jen, his mate. But nothing, there was nothing.

    He growled as he felt his wolf stir. His wolf knew something he didn't. Maybe his wolf remembered her – or maybe he just remembered having her and now knew there was something lost. He looked across at Fane and made eye contact, a silent request to talk later. Fane nodded, his lips tightened in something that looked like sadness.

    Vasile cleared his throat, bringing everyone back on task. "Alright, those are the plans. I chose you all because you have been through much already and triumphed. Make no mistake, this will not be easy. Dealing with a witch is dangerous, especially one that we know nothing about. Rely on each other's strength. Protect one another. Pay attention to any emotions or actions that seem out of character for yourself or another in your group. If you notice someone acting odd, it could be dark magic. You must fight it."

    The group was quiet as they thought on Vasile's words. Then Sally broke the silence with a giggle.

    "What's tickled your fancy?" Jacque asked her dryly.

    "I feel like we should all stand together in a bunch and Vasile should announce -"

    Jacque caught onto Sally's train of thought and they both said at the same time:  "We'll call you the Fellowship of the Ring."

    Both girls began laughing and high fiving each other.

    Decebel looked over at Alina.

    "Yes, they are always like this," she answered his unspoken question.

    Decebel let out a deep breath, shaking his head at the giggling pair.

    "Man, Jen would have so rocked that." Jacque laughed.

    "We should record this stuff so when she's back we can play it for her."

    "Sally, I think Jen would tell you that your recording privileges were revoked at the hospital," Jacque teased.

    Sally looked over at Decebel and Jacque saw her wheels turning.

    "No." Jacque shook her head emphatically.

    "It might spark something. I mean, she was butt freaking naked," Sally reasoned.

    "Okay, so let me get this straight. You want to show Dec pictures of his mate butt naked, pawing all over him, while he looked like he wanted to crawl under the bed? The same Jen who put K-Y Jelly all over the cars of the cheerleaders, put condoms over their antennas, and then wrote 'cheerleaders got rhythm' on their window shields last year for laughing at her Beauty and the Beast backpack? The same Jen who broke into the field house, got the field chalk, and drew a picture of boobs and put 'nice rack' underneath it just because the team's mascot we were playing was a Buck?"

    Sally snorted. "That was freaking hilarious."

    "The point is, Sally, do you really want to provoke the wrath of Jen?"

    "Fine," Sally whined. "You have to admit, though, it would be funny as hell to see his face when he saw the pictures."

    Jacque chuckled. "It's almost worth her wrath…almost."

    The girls realized the room had gotten quite during their discussion. They both looked around to find everyone looking at them, mouths dropped open, eyes wide.

    "Oh. Um, I guess y'all didn't know Jen could be a little revenge happy. And usually that revenge takes the form of some sexual reference."

    Everyone nodded and grumbled their agreement that Jen liked to joke about all things sexual.

    Decebel stood up, arms crossed over his broad chest, his six foot four inches seeming to fill the room. "This is my mate you are talking about?"

    "Not what you were expecting, was it?" Jacque questioned with a broad grin.

    "She openly jokes about sex?" he asked, disbelieving any mate of his would be so crass.

    "Jokes about it, talks about it, makes reference to it in everyday conversation. Yep, that's your mate." Jacque laughed at the worried look on Decebel's handsome face.

    "Jacque quite scaring Decebel about his mate," Vasile reprimanded. "Decebel, she is a remarkable woman. You both complement each other well."

    "Oh, I'm sure she compliments him well," Crina muttered under her breath.

    Sally and Jacque both laughed so hard they had to grab their sides.

    Crina just smiled when Vasile shot her a look that pretty much said to shut up.

    Rolling his eyes, Vasile ignored the laughing girls. "Today and tonight we rest. Say your goodbyes to the other packs." He gave Jacque, who had finally gained her composure, a pointed look. "They will be leaving shortly."

    Later that evening

    Fane and Jacque came into the meeting room after having said goodbye to Dillon as he and the other Alpha's began to take their packs down the mountain. Several pack members had driven the Hummers and vans down the mountain to retrieve more vehicles to transport the packs.

    "Everything okay?" Sally asked Jacque.

    "Yeah, I know my dad wants to stay but Vasile thinks that in this instance less is more."