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    Out Of The Dark(Grey Wolves #4) by Quinn Loftis

    Much to his relief she smiled, but her words made him frown. "Let's not talk about the Blood Rites right now, okay?"

    Decebel's brow furrowed, but, deciding that she didn't need to exert anymore energy, he let it go…for now.

    "Are you going to bite your wrist for me again?" she asked him softly, and he could tell that now that she was aware of what was going to happen she was actually embarrassed.

    "No," he answered simply and Jen's eyes widened as Decebel pulled his shirt away from his neck and shoulder. She saw one of his claws lengthen on his hand and watched in fascination as he made a deep cut across the area where his shoulder and neck met.

    "This is how a female takes from her mate." Decebel gently guided Jen's face to his neck and she could tell he was holding his breath, waiting for her to put her mouth on him.

    Jacque wasn't lying when she said this blood-taking stuff was intimate, she thought as she lowered her mouth to his skin. She was fully clothed, not touching him or being touched in any intimate way, yet she felt naked and vulnerable. She heard a rumble and felt it in Decebel's chest as her lips covered the gash and she began to swallow his healing blood. She closed her eyes as the liquid she expected to be metallic – but was actually sweet – trailed down her throat.

    Decebel knew she had taken enough, but in his selfishness he didn't pull her back. There was nothing more intoxicating to a male than providing for his mate. And Decebel was providing her with life – his blood was keeping her here with him. He pulled her close with a final squeeze and then reluctantly whispered to her, "It's enough, baby. You can stop."

    Decebel smiled when he heard her growl. Stubborn woman. She finally pulled her mouth away and Decebel covered the gash by pulling his shirt back over it and pressing on it. It would close up in a matter a minutes. He noticed that Jennifer didn't look up at him but instead was looking at her hands in her lap. He placed his fingers under her chin and gently lifted it. Her cheeks were bright pink.

    "Is my mate blushing? Jennifer Adams blushes?" Decebel teased.

    "Well, bloody hell, Dec, you didn't tell me it was going to be like that."

    "Like what?" He was taunting her now, wanting to see some life restored in her – even if only for a little while.

    "You know," she muttered petulantly.

    "I don't, love. You're the first to ever do that to me. How would I know?"

    Jennifer glared at him and he smiled as he lifted a brow at her.

    "It was hot,” she confessed forcefully. “I'm here dying, and doing that," she pointed to his neck, "turned me on. I mean, seriously, if that can arouse a dying chick, she should be warned."

    Decebel tried to hold Jennifer still as he laughed at her words. The joy and relief of having her back, of knowing her and knowing the love he felt for her, was indescribable.

    "I'm sorry that I didn't warn you that taking my blood in that manner would -" Decebel cleared his throat before he continued but Jen beat him to it.

    "Make me all hot and bothered?"

    Decebel leaned forward and kissed her gently. "Don't be sore with me, love. Next time I'll warn you."

    Jen tried not to laugh because she knew it was going to hurt like hell. And it did. She stiffened as she tried to swallow the pain. Decebel stood up with her in his arms and placed her back on the bed. He tucked the covers in around her, acting very much the role of a mother hen. Jen watched him in amusement as he felt her forehead. Like he would know what to feel for, she snorted to herself.

    As he turned to head toward the door, she panicked.

    "Where are you going?" Her words rushed out, sounding way more desperate than Jen would ever admit to feeling.

    Decebel turned around and saw the fear in Jen's eyes. He came right back to her side.

    "I'm not leaving – I'm not letting you out of my sight. I'm going to get Vasile so we can do the Bonding and Blood Rites."

    Jen's eyes widened and she squeaked, "Now?"

    "Yes, Jennifer, now. There is no reason for you to lay here sick when I can make you well. So," Decebel stood up to his full height and clapped his hands together once and rubbed them, "we are going to remedy this little problem."

    Jen was beginning to panic. She needed to talk to Jacque and Sally before Decebel was able to get Vasile to go through with this.

    "Wait, Dec. Can I talk to my two besties before we do this? First I need to tell them that you remember me. That is sort of important. And, I mean, it is kind of like a wedding, ya know? I need to have my girl time before I tie the knot, so to speak." Jen knew that was a weak argument and, judging by the raised brow on Decebel's delectable face, he was not buying it.

    "I will tell them to come in, but the door remains open so that I can see you."

    Even though Jen knew it was going to hurt she had to roll her eyes at her mate's words. "Here we go with that crap again. Would you like to get me a bell for my collar so you can know when I move?"

    Decebel grinned as he opened the door. "That's a good idea, baby, thank you for the suggestion. See? I knew we would make a great team."

    Jen growled – well, as much of a growl as she could muster with the pain – and muttered under her breath, "You'll be thinking great team when I'm wrapping the collar around your -"

    "What was that, love?" Decebel was standing just outside the door with Jacque and Sally staring at her with knowing smiles.

    "I said we will – are..." Jen was scrambling for words and finally just settled for, "Go team?"

    Jacque and Sally were now laughing while Decebel stared at her through knowing eyes and tapped his ears, making it clear he could hear her muttering just fine. Jen made a most unlady-like gesture.

    It only caused Sally and Jacque to laugh harder when Decebel responded with, "That'll have to wait until you're healed, baby. One thing at a time."

    Jen's scowl deepened and she finally gave up sparring with her mate and glared at her two best friends. "You two hyenas get your giggling asses in here and shut up."

    Jacque and Sally left the door open – as instructed by Decebel, of course – as they walked toward Jen's bed.

    "I need to talk to you two," Jen whispered.

    "That's why we came in," Jacque also whispered.